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Day After Day of Joyous Snorkeling

NOTE: St John suffered a direct hit from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017 and there was extensive damage. The information in this eBook is from our 2015 visit.

We have heard from folks who used our guide after the storms that it is still very useful for finding snorkeling areas. That said, we have discounted the price by over 40% because the storm damage has surely changed the underwater descriptions.

St John Snorkeling Guide eBook

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The St John Snorkeling Guide eBook shares our extensive in the water research, snorkeling our favorite of the Caribbean islands.

Be Delighted Seeing an Abundance of Sea Life

  • 34 of the best snorkeling spots
  • Avoid disappointing dead reefs

Explore With Confidence

  • 298 pages of clear, accurate descriptions of what to expect, how to get there, and where to swim
  • 745 pictures, above and below water, even where to park
  • 11 maps get you there easily

Daily Decisions Made Easy

  • Suggested itineraries, favorite spots, quick location reference
  • Choosing where to go is no longer frustrating

Customer Review - Eileen

The "bible" of snorkeling for St. John. We have been going to St. John for 10 years and Nicole and Galen nailed it!

Customer Review - Gwen

My family used the St. John eBook and found it to be incredibly helpful. We have snorkeled St. John for the past seven years, but with this book we discovered new beaches to try and we learned a lot of things we didn’t know. It’s well-written, comprehensive, and a valuable tool for fish identification. We appreciated the ability to print out a version to take with us, too.

Customer Review - Bill

Once again, I have to tip my hat to you. I just came back from St. John & used your guide & it was wonderful. My wife kept saying, "How do you find these remote spots?" And, I tell her that I didn't. Galen & Nicole did.

Snorkel Lesser Known, Vibrant Sites
Instead of Being Disappointed by Popular Beaches With a Lack of Sea Life

Find The Best St John Snorkeling Beaches

Want to find schools of fish? We share these rarely snorkeled spots!

Explore Healthy Reefs Full Of Fish
Get Yourself To The Spots With The Most Fish

If you know where to swim you can find these lush coral beds.

Wonder At Beautiful Corals Like This Staghorn
There Are Still Many Dense Reefs Like This On St John, If You Know Where To Go

Customer Review - Bria and Paul

The St. John Snorkeling Guide eBook provided a wonderful “Go-To” Guide for planning our snorkeling day trips. The eBook format made it easy to print out the sections that we wanted to have on hand... This guide was invaluable, and the icon rating system very user friendly. The maps were... very helpful in finding our beaches and snorkeling sites. We highly recommend this guide for anyone thinking about exploring the undersea wonders of St. John.

Customer Review - Paul

It was invaluable in finding some of the more remote sites. I don't think we would have found them without it. Your driving directions to the site, the best way to enter, and where the best snorkeling was at each site were extremely helpful. It is a well thought out and thorough snorkeling guide. Thanks for doing it!

About the Authors - 100% Snorkelers

Galen Piehl and Nicole Atkins have sold thousands of their 8 popular eBook snorkeling guides. They also author the most popular snorkeling website, with over a million readers a year.

Avid snorkelers, they are on a mission to improve the quality and accuracy of information available for snorkelers, and to help everyone have the most memorable snorkel adventures of their lives.

What's in the St John Snorkeling Book?

Swim With Spotted Eagle Rays

34 of the Best Snorkeling Sites
How come we found St John to be the best Caribbean island we have visited for snorkeling, yet you can read reports from people that the reefs on St John are dead? Because they are only snorkeling the popular beaches with dead reefs. We focus 100% on getting you to the best snorkel sites and go overboard with useful descriptions and pictures of what it is like and how to get there. Compare this to general travel guides not written by snorkelers. They only give a few sentences about fewer spots, often with dated, incorrect, information.

Each Spot Includes:

  • At a glance reference chart of the key details about the location
  • Description of what you can expect, above and below water
  • Best water entrance location and what it is like (sandy/rocky)
  • Hazards - currents, swells, exposure, challenging entries
  • Swimming directions to the healthiest reef areas with the most sea life
  • Detailed driving and parking directions
  • Facilities - bathrooms, water, shade, etc.
  • Color pictures of everything - the beach, water entrance, sea life, driving intersections, parking, and facilities

Each Chapter/Section Includes:

  • An overview description of what the area is like, with some notes about beaches to avoid with poor snorkeling.
  • Road maps showing where the spots are, parking areas, trails, etc.
Caribbean Reef Squid Are So Fun To See

It Also Includes Very Useful Resources & Links

  • Suggested Itineraries - Where to find the most fish, corals, turtles, kids spots, etc.
  • Sites At A Glance - Reference and ranking of all spots.
  • Fish & Creature ID Guide - 195 color pictures
  • Snorkeling Safety & Reef Etiquette - How to read ocean conditions, currents, winds, and to snorkel safely.
  • First Time Snorkeler Tips - How to snorkel efficiently, fit equipment, and choose locations for your skill level.
  • Snorkel Gear Guide Plus Fitting & Use Tips
  • Where To Rent Equipment
  • Underwater Photography & Camera Gear Guides
  • Travel Tips - Where to stay for snorkeling, best times of year, etc.
  • Prevalent Wind & Ocean Current Tips
  • Easy Print Guide Chapter - All of the snorkeling spots, condensed in one chapter with a smaller font and no pictures, that is easy to print.
It Is Easy To See Turtles On St John

Freedom to Be Your Own Guide - Save Money on Boat Tours
The vast majority of the best snorkeling spots on the St. John are accessible from shore. That means you don't have to go on expensive boat tours on their schedule, to spots you can't control, no matter the weather. Your snorkeling will be better and you will save money in the process. Where boat tours are a good idea, we recommend them.

See Unique And Beautiful Fish

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Note: We have discounted the price from $22.95 for the St John Snorkeling Guide because it has not been updated since the 2017 hurricanes. Folks who have used the guide since the storms have stated that it is still very useful for finding snorkel spots.

St. John Snorkeling Guide
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