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Snorkeling in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates 
Snorkeling in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, is good all year round. Beware that it gets ridiculously hot between May - October (45°C/113°F) and wearing …

Snorkeling the Red Sea, Egypt - 2019 Updated Suggestions 
I have written two other stories about snorkeling in the Red Sea, Egypt on this site. I wanted to share my updated suggestions from my trip in September …

Packing Snorkeling Gear to Fit in a Carry-on? 
I have a question about packing snorkeling gear to fit in a carry-on. My wife and I always have to pack one half of a large checked suitcase to travel …

Water Distortion When Snorkeling 
I have a question about water distortion when snorkeling. I was in Guam last week for work, and got a few chances to go out and snorkel. It was beautiful, …

Does Anyone Have Experience Snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates? 
I am wondering if anyone has experience snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates? Any information about snorkeling this area of the Persian Gulf would be …

May 2018 Galapagos Snorkeling Trip Report 
My wife and I just got back from our May 2018 eight day, seven night snorkeling trip to the western islands of the Galapagos. We were on a liveaboard, …

Red Sea, Egypt Snorkeling Trip Report, September 2017 
In September 2017 we visited the Red Sea in Egypt again and here is my snorkeling trip report. As usual we split our two week stay over three different …

Where to Snorkel in New Zealand? 
I'm looking for easy-to-access places where I can snorkel in New Zealand. I'm as sleek as a seal in the water, and as ungainly on land, so I can't hike …

Snorkeling in Puget Sound, Washington? 
Does anyone know of good snorkeling spots in Puget Sound, Washington? Also, we would appreciate recommendations for what kind of wetsuit to use. Thanks. …

Where to Snorkel in Costa Rica? 
Our family will be going to Costa Rica in August, and we are wondering where to snorkel? I have read mixed reviews about snorkeling there. Is it better …

Retiring in a Snorkeling Destination? 
I have been following this great website for years and had a question for the group regarding snorkeling in retirement. I would imagine that some people …

Is Snorkeling Good When It Is Cloudy? 
Is snorkeling good when it is cloudy? We are headed to St. John, USVI shortly for a once in a lifetime trip. The weather forecast looks awful with no …

Weather Websites to Choose Snorkeling Spot? 
Do you use any particular weather websites to choose your snorkeling spot for the day? I am just home from a month in St. Croix & a few days in St. …

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