Snorkeling Little Water Caye – Low Visibility but Lots of Fish


Snorkeling Little Water Caye was a nice experience. This was the last spot that we hit on our week long catamaran sailing trip snorkeling the Belize barrier reef.

Snorkeling there was good because of a healthy patch reef system that had lots of nice corals, sponges, and alga. And it also had more fish than some of the other locations we had visited in Belize.

Coral reef we saw while snorkeling Little Water Caye, Belize

The depths were a nice range, from only six feet down to about 20 on the sides of the patch.

The main drawback of Little Water Caye was that the visibility was fairly poor. This was due in part to some windy and wavy conditions that day. But it is also because Little Water Caye is a little bit farther inside the barrier reef and starts to suffer from the fresh water mix coming in from the rainy mainland mountains in southern Belize.

What We Saw While Snorkeling Little Water Caye

This was a nice reef with both fish and hard and soft corals to see. In the picture below you can see a nice variety of hard corals and some soft, and you can also see two French Angelfish and a Gray Angelfish together.

Gray and French Angelfish on a coral reef at Little Water Caye Belize
Gray Angelfish in Belize
French Angelfish Little Water Caye Belize

Blurry Fish, Rotten Colors, Garbage Pictures

That does not look like what I saw! See our snorkeling camera pages for tips on selecting a good snorkeling camera, and how to use it for great pictures.

This is one of the few locations in Belize that we saw the beautiful Queen Angelfish. Check out images below of some more of the fish we saw while snorkeling Little Water Caye; a juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish, and a Barred Hamlet.

The face of a beautiful Queen Angelfish in Belize
Juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish with corals at Little Water Caye Belize

Barred Hamelt over corals at Little Water Caye Belize

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