Snorkeling in or Around Bequia?

By David – (Great Britain)
I’ve just booked a trip to Bequia for end of March beginning April 2016, and I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who has had recent (in the last two years or so) experience snorkeling in or around the island?

Any tips, advice, recommendations would be gratefully received.

Thanks to anyone and everyone reading this. Cheers.

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Laura Poisson – Aug 1, 2015 – Bequia Snorkeling

The bight on the west end of the island has very good snorkeling. Bequians often spearfish in the area so pay attention if you are trying to go early in the morning.

If there is a charter to the Falls of Baleine on St. Vincent, be sure to go. Although the reefs are a little deep they are teaming with coral and fish.

Bequia is a great island to visit. Have fun.

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