Snorkeler Gift Ideas

Snorkeler Gift Ideas

We asked lots of snorkelers for great snorkeler gift ideas, and got some thoughtful suggestions. We share those below along with some of our own ideas. Hopefully you will find a great gift for that special snorkeling nut in your life.

First, consider splurging on the ultimate gift for the snorkeler in your life, a surprise trip on one of these great guided snorkeling vacations...

A New Snorkel Camera

The #1 gift that snorkelers said they wanted was a new underwater camera. Recently the camera that most snorkelers want is a GoPro. They are small, and the new Hero7 Black is a good option. It takes great pictures and  amazing video.

But if the person you are buying a gift for has an iPhone, you could get them a ProShot underwater housing to put it in. They can take it snorkeling and get great photos and videos of the fish and creatures they see.

We have lots of suggestions and buying tips for snorkel cameras here.

New Snorkel Equipment

While it might be kind of hard to buy a new mask or fins for your favorite snorkeler (because those generally need to be fit personally), there are lots of items you could get them that will come in handy on a snorkel adventure.

Help the snorkeler in your life be more eco-conscious, and get them the Reef Sentinel Kit from Stream2Sea. They can try reef safe sunscreens that work along with other reef safe personal care products.

Full face snorkel masks are very popular and could make a good gift option for you. The original brand and a good mask is the Subea EasyBreath (used to be Tribord).

Rash guards are a great way to protect your skin from the sun and use less sunscreen that washes off into the ocean. We like long sleeved tops like this one for men or this one for women.

If your friend does not yet have a great snorkel bag to carry their gear in, you could get them our favorite, the BVI Mesh Backpack by Stahlsac.

Snorkeling from the shore always brings up the question of where to put your keys and other valuables while you are snorkeling. We recommend a waterproof bag or box that you carry on a belt around your waist.

Show the snorkeler in your life some love by getting them a snorkel vest they can wear to keep them afloat if anything were to happen while they are out on the water.

Mask fogging can be a real annoyance for snorkelers. Consider gifting your friend some anti-fog solution.

Our complete guide to all the snorkel gear above can be found here.

At The Beach

Before and after snorkeling from a beach, these snorkeler gift ideas make things easier and more fun.

One thing we never go without on the walk to and from the beach is our favorite sun hats. We love these ones from Sunday Afternoons.

Since we usually snorkel numerous locations in one day, a normal beach towel simply does not cut it. Instead we use the PackTowl, which is super absorbent and dries quickly. We can wring it out after a use and it will be usable for drying us off at the next location. They are also lightweight and don't take up much room in our luggage.

If your friend is snorkeling at a beach without a restroom, which for us is quite common, consider these next two items. The first is a portable outdoor shower. The second is this PVC Changing Mat. You can stand on it to take off your wet gear and wrap it all up inside for waterproof transport back home. Now, these things are not for the traveler, but are great snorkeler gift ideas for your snorkeling friend who snorkels remote locations on a regular basis.

This waterproof car seat cover is a great idea for both a rental car or your own vehicle. Again, we often go from one beach to another in our wet swim suits and rash guards. This would keep the car seat from getting wet and showing those salt lines.

If your friend's vehicle has a hitch and they don't want to take their valuables with them in a waterproof bag, you might consider this Hitch Safe.

And last, for spending some time hanging out on the beach between snorkel sessions, a nice beach shade will give you some respite from the sun and a waterproof bluetooth speaker will let you listen to some music from your phone.

Traveler Gift Ideas

If the snorkeler in your life travels to get to their snorkeling destination, there are lots of gadgets that make travel easier, more comfortable and would make unique snorkeler gift ideas.

When packing luggage for a snorkeling trip, it is always good to know that your bag fits within the weight limit of the airlines. This luggage scale is a great snorkeler gift idea.

Packing all those electronic devices and their charging cords can be a real pain. These travel organizers make it easy and make a good gift.

Taking along your own water bottle while traveling is environmentally responsible. These cool water bottles fold up when they are empty for saving space and weight in your luggage.

Getting comfortable on the airplane is the biggest challenge while traveling for us. We found that noise-canceling headphones and a comfortable neck pillow really helps us.

Another gift idea is a portable charger so if their phone runs low on juice and they are not near a plug, they can still use it. It would also work for any rechargeable electronic device.

Last, small travel wallets with RFID protection are practical snorkeler gift ideas for both men and women.

Beautiful Tropical Calendars

Right around the biggest gift season everyone is going to need a new calendar or two, and we always try to get some tropical or snorkeling themed calendar for our wall. It is very nice gift for a snorkeler. Here is a calendar focused on Tropical Fish. There is one that is dedicated to Hawaiian Sea Turtles. Here is a pretty one called Our Oceans. And you can't go wrong with Tropical Islands and Beaches.

Snorkeler Gift Ideas - Fish Guides

Us snorkelers do what we do because we love to check out sea life. So it is pretty natural for a snorkeler to want to learn more about the underwater world. So fish identification guides make great snorkeler gift ideas.

A fantastic gift for a snorkeler that they may not be willing to buy for themselves (because they are kind of expensive) is the Reef Set: Reef Fish, Reef Creature and Reef Coral guides. It is a three volume set that is really the bible for Caribbean sea life identification (we own them and they are great). You can also get them in eBook format.

Or you could just get them the Reef Fish Identification by itself for the Caribbean, Florida & Bahamas. It also comes in eBook format.

If your snorkeler also loves the Pacific, then round out their collection with Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific. You could buy it as an eBook as well.

Or if they mostly snorkel Hawaii, then Hawaii's Fishes is a nice book.

Travel Guides

Nothing gets us snorkelers as excited as planning the next trip to some tropical destination. So travel guides to wonderful snorkeling spots are fantastic snorkeler gift ideas. In the Caribbean, you could get guides to Belize, the ABC's (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), Turks & Caicos, Bay Islands Honduras (Roatan, Utila), Bermuda, Cayman Islands, or the Virgin Islands. Elsewhere in the world, guides to places like Indonesia, the Philippines, the Maldives, Fiji, and Tahiti & French Polynesia would be appreciated.

Our own popular eBook snorkeling guides are also available on the upper right.

Our own popular eBook snorkeling guides are also available in the right navigation bar below.

Kindle or iPad

Having all your books on a portable electronic device while traveling is great, and more and more travelers are going this route. So these are amazing snorkeler gift ideas for travelers. The Paperwhite Kindle is a great device. Nicole owns one and loves it. But the more advanced color tablets like the Kindle Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and iPad Mini 4 are much more capable machines that you can check email on, browse websites, etc. We prefer the 7-8" size over the bigger tablets for traveling.



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