Shore Snorkeling From Tranquility Bay Resort Belize

By Cathy Bach – (Ann Arbor, MI USA)
Here is our report about shore snorkeling from Tranquility Bay Resort Belize. We had wanted to check out the Belize reef for some time, but were turned off by the fact that you have to take boats to get out to the reef. So we were very excited to find a resort, Tranquility Bay Resort on Ambergris Caye in Belize, that claims: “We are the only resort on the island where you can safely snorkel from the beach to the reef!”

We stayed there for a week February 2014, and while that statement is true, the quality of the reef there is not all that healthy. However, we found the small patch reefs close to shore to be quite interesting for snorkeling – healthy coral and high fish diversity. It is super easy access and a really nice resort too. It would be a great place for kids.

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Robin – Mar 15, 2016 – Getting to the Reefs

You mentioned that the area was not that healthy but you found reefs that were good snorkeling. Did you take a boat out or was this from the shore? I’m a little confused by your statement.

Thanks in advance for any extra helpful information, as I am looking for snorkeling that I don’t have to take a boat.

Cathy Bach – Mar 16, 2016 – Response to Question

What I meant was that the barrier reef far off shore was not that healthy directly in front of Tranquility Bay Resort. However, there are small patch reefs very close to shore that were good snorkeling directly from shore.

Tom – Jan 2, 2017 – Tranquility Bay Snorkeling

Are you permitted to snorkel there if you are not a guest? Can you rent snorkel and mask?

Cathy Bach – Jan 2, 2017 – Response to Tom’s question

I think the resort is private and only for use by guests, but you could check with them.

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