Protecting My Snorkel Mask

By Sasha – (Boston)
I’m concerned about protecting my snorkel mask. I noticed that you recommend neoprene bags and feel that they are better than the hard plastic cases. I have not actually seen a neoprene cover, so I’m not sure what they’re like, but my instincts make me want to stick with a hard plastic case because it seems more likely to protect the mask.

However, that is just a layman’s reaction, and I’m not sure it’s a legitimate concern — which do you think is more likely to keep the mask from getting broken? Is it even easy to break a mask?

Another reason I ask is, I’m interested in getting an Akona bag that has a mask compartment just big enough for the mask but not the case. Again, I just have the same concern. I don’t like the amount of space that the hard plastic case takes up — I never seem to have enough room in my bag — but the mask was expensive and I don’t want anything to happen to it.

P.S. Thanks for all the great tips on your site! I’ve referred to it many times as I’ve been getting into snorkeling and really appreciate all the detailed information.

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PTB – Apr 22, 2011 – Protecting Your Snorkel Mask

I have been diving and snorkeling for over 30 years. I am trying to use the hard case with my new mask but I never used one before. The only time I ever saw a broken mask was when someone dropped a scuba tank on one. I usually toss the mask in a mesh bag with my fins and snorkel. The box seems like it would protect the face skirt better.

Galen & Nicole – Apr 22, 2011 – Snorkel Mask Bags or Boxes

Hi Sasha. First, here is a link on Amazon to some neoprene mask protecting bags, just so you can see.

Here is what we do for protecting our snorkel masks. When packing for a trip we put them in bubble wrap or neoprene bags and then wrap them in clothes in the middle of our suitcase, away from anything else hard.

When we get to our destination we just throw them into our snorkel bag with our fins and snorkels and other stuff, and generally don’t worry about them beyond that. They are very tough, and after having done this for years we have yet to have any damage.

If we were going to a very out of the way destination where there was no chance of getting a replacement, we would probably use at least a neoprene case or a hard case.

But we don’t tend to use the hard cases when traveling because they take up too much space in our bags.

Anonymous – Aug 30, 2011 – Protect the Silicone Skirt

If you store your mask away with the silicone skirt pushed up against something or bent, it will take that shape and tend to leak on you where it might not have before. I’m talking about storing for a long time, not just during your trip. So perhaps a neoprene case for your snorkeling trips, but then an over-sized plastic case for long term storage. Make sure the skirt isn’t being squished.

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