Need Identification for This Fish in Indonesia

Leaf shaped fish over sand.
Need ID for this Indonesia Fish

By Judith
Could someone help figure out an identification for this fish? I saw it in Indonesia and it reminded me of an angelfish.

Thank you.

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Nicole & Galen – Apr 26, 2019 – Spadefish or Batfish

Hello Judith, thanks for your question and the picture. We believe that is a juvenile spadefish, also known as batfish. Platax is the genus name, but we are not sure which species that is specifically. Maybe someone else can help with this one? We saw lots of spadefish in Alor, Komodo, and Misool Indonesia.

Judith – Apr 26, 2019 – Platax Orbicularis

Dear Nicole and Galen, thanks for your response!

With your information I searched a little more and I believe it is a Platax orbicularis!

Tom Turner – Apr 27, 2019 – I Saw One Too

Juvenile batfish with rocky reef in background.
Batfish in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Here is a picture of what I believe is the same fish, however this one is reddish.

We identified it as a batfish. I took the picture while we were in Indonesia, in the Raja Ampat area. We had a school of them that we watched for a while. Brings back great memories.

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