Hilo Shoreline Snorkeling Possibilities – Big Island Hawaii

By Mangobingo – (Puna)
I wanted to share another Hilo shoreline snorkeling option. You’re right that the Richardson’s/Leleiwi area is one of the best snorkeling spots on the east side of the Big Island, Hawaii. However, if conditions are right, don’t limit yourself to the little cove inside the rocks!

One of my best ever Big Island snorkeling experiences was coming down to Leleiwi in the early evening and swimming for about a mile toward town and back. It was exceptionally calm that day so we could get much closer to the rocks than usual, saw loads and loads of interesting fish, and I couldn’t tell you how many turtles. The underwater relief is interesting and there’s a fair amount of nice coral as well.

Perhaps not one for novices, and you have to catch the conditions just right, but I’d rate this as pretty good snorkeling. Plus once outside the bay at Richardson’s you’ll have the shoreline mostly to yourself.

Thanks for this site, anyway – loads of good information here!

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Galen & Nicole – May 11, 2011 – Great Hilo Snorkeling Tip

Great tip! We will be over in Hilo later this week and if it is calm enough we will try your suggestion. Thanks for sharing your experience! We have a full description of snorkeling at Richardson’s Ocean Park in our Big Island Snorkeling Guide eBook.

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