Has Anyone Snorkeled Anguilla?

By Judy
We are wondering if anyone has snorkeled Anguilla? We are including this island as one of many to visit. It would be great to hear any snorkeling experiences. Thanks.

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Bill Bryans – Sep 4, 2016 – Anguilla Snorkeling

Anguilla has a large variety of snorkeling options. Shoal Bay East is a typical Caribbean beach. It has many bars, restaurants, hotels, and people. The reefs are easy to see and explore from the beach.

Less busy snorkeling sites are West End Bay and Katouche Bay. West End Bay is partially protected by large rock outcroppings. Katouche Bay is adjacent to a protected forest that has a cave. You may be the only people at either site.

Jobsie or Dropsey Bay is adjacent to the Tequila Sunrise Villa. It is a shallow area protected entirely by a rock wall, thus there are no waves. This site would be ideal for small children. Lots of small fish here.

It is a long swim from Crocus Bay to Little Bay. The shoreline drops as a ledge underwater with lots to see. Little Bay is another good snorkeling site. If you don’t want to swim, you can get a boat ride from Crocus Bay to Little Bay and arrange a time to be picked up.

Anonymous – Dec 17, 2016 – How Does Snorkeling in Anguilla Compare to Other Places on This Site?

We’re very excited to be going to Anguilla this summer and have used this site for info to snorkel in St. John and Bonaire. Just wondering if anyone knows how Anguilla snorkeling compares to some of these better known for snorkeling locations. Also, are there any snorkeling boat trips that are worthwhile?

I see there is no info from Galen and Nicole and wondering if it’s because the snorkeling isn’t very good or because they just haven’t made it there yet.

Nicole & Galen – Dec 17, 2016 – We Have Not Been…

We have not yet been to Anguilla. We simply don’t know much about it. Hopefully others can answer about a comparison to the snorkeling on the other islands.

Anonymous – Dec 19, 2016 – Anguilla Snorkeling Experience

We look at Anguilla as a place to visit for the fantastic food and the amazing beautiful beaches. We have been three times and are booking our fourth trip very soon.

Having said that, we would never recommend it as a snorkeling vacation destination. The snorkeling we have done there includes Little Bay and Shoal Bay East. Nothing there to write home about in terms of the coral or the fish variety. Finally, there is a paucity of fish there in our experience as compared to other locales we have been to, for example Roatan.

We stopped by Jobsie Bay, and snorkeled the shallows. I would probably guess that at the right time of day this might be a decent snorkeling destination for Anguilla, however we were there at low tide and the shallows were actually too shallow. So, cannot speak to what might be happening at higher tides there.

Diane & Kerry – Jan 15, 2017 – Anguilla Snorkeling

We’ve been to Anguilla three times and experienced great snorkeling. You can snorkel from shore at Upper Shoal Bay and Junk’s Hole, or take a boat out to Little Bay (a must). We rented a villa north of Shoal and saw Porcupinefish, a crab and a sea turtle, beyond the usual fish. You’ll love Anguilla!

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