Face Skin Rash From Snorkeling Mask

By Richard – (Limburg, Belgium)
My youngest son (28) who regularly goes on leave, has since his youth gotten a face skin rash from snorkeling in saltwater.

Every time he uses a mask or swimming goggles, and gets in the sea to swim and snorkel, he gets this skin rash on his face, that goes away after a time out of the water. So for many years he no longer dares to try snorkeling, which he really regrets.

He has already tried different brands of masks: Mares x-vision–boja lx, Technisub and others.

He has a normal skin type and has never sunburned.

If anyone has any knowledge about this problem, and some advice, he would be very grateful.


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Galen & Nicole – Dec 12, 2012 – Maybe a Silicone Allergy?

Richard, is it possible your son has an allergy to silicone? It is very very rare, but possible. Most mask skirts are made from silicone.

It is much more common to have an allergy to latex.

He can be tested for either type of allergy. And then maybe he can get a mask that does not have it?

Does the rash happen under the mask skirt on his face? Can he go swimming in the salt water without a mask or swimming goggles and not get the rash? Or is it the salt water that is the problem?

Does anyone else have experience with face rashes when snorkeling?

Richard – Dec 12, 2012 – Face Skin Rash

He gets it with both swimming goggles (latex) and mask (rubber). But when not wearing them he does not get a rash, not even when using fins on his feet.

Anonymous – Sep 30, 2013 – Snorkel Allergy

I have a latex allergy, and probably an allergy to other rubbers too, as I also break out from those tubes used to float a river. I break out in a rash on my face when using most snorkel gear, but found that my TUSA mask doesn’t break me out. I had a great time with it in Bora Bora French Polynesia, and no rash! Hope that helps. It would be terrible to have to give up snorkeling! Cheers.

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