Bonaire Boat Snorkeling Tour – The Best Options for Klein Bonaire

Much of the snorkeling in Bonaire is accessible from the shore. But booking a Bonaire boat snorkeling tour is one of the best ways to access the better spots around Klein Bonaire, the little island just offshore. There are also a couple of water taxis that you can use to snorkel a small section of Klein Bonaire.

And while we used to recommend renting a boat to snorkel Klein Bonaire on your own, the prices on boat rentals have gotten so high that it is no longer a reasonable option, unless you have a good sized group to share the cost.

There are many dive boats on Bonaire, that allow snorkelers to join their trips, but we don’t recommend doing that because the priority will be on dive spots, which may not offer good shallow snorkeling. It is much better to go with a group dedicated to snorkelers.

Also note that many of the Bonaire boat snorkeling tour companies don’t seem to update their websites very regularly, and often have inaccurate information on them. It is best to call or otherwise get in touch with the boat or water taxi company directly.

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Bonaire Boat Snorkeling Tour Options

We don’t review Bonaire boat snorkeling tour companies specifically, because you can read tons of those types of reviews on TripAdvisor, which we link to below. But we do know of a few companies that have been in business a long time on Bonaire, that come highly recommended.

When choosing a Bonaire boat snorkeling tour, make sure the trip is highly focused on snorkeling, and that they visit two or three different spots. Some Bonaire boat tours are more general, with a cruise, one snorkel, and a BBQ meal.

Seacow Bonaire boat snorkeling tour

Double Dip Snorkel Trip by Sea Cow

The folks at Sea Cow have been running dedicated snorkeling tours for many years and they get excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. This is a 3.5 hour trip, visiting two snorkeling spots. They have a newer boat that is very comfortable for snorkeling tours. Sea Cow’s Double Dip Snorkel Trip has great reviews.

Woodwind Bonaire boat snorkeling tour

Woodwind Snorkeling Tours

Woodwind has been offering snorkeling tours on Bonaire for many years, and are also very well reviewed on TripAdvisor. Their tours are generally longer, at four or five yours, and you will likely snorkel three different spots. They used to have a blue trimaran, but now have a much more modern catamaran.

More Bonaire Snorkeling Boat Tour options

You can find other Bonaire snorkeling boat tour options with reviews on TripAdvisor.

Klein Bonaire Water Taxis

There are two water taxis that will take you out to No Name Beach on Klein Bonaire. The taxis go back and forth multiple times a day, and you can catch a ride back whenever you want.

From that beach you can snorkel the left and right sides of the reef. There can be strong currents in front of this area on Klein Bonaire though, so you must be careful that you can swim back against it.

Because of the current, both of these water taxis also offer the option of dropping you off to do a drift snorkel to No Name Beach. First they go to No Name Beach, where you will quickly drop off your bags or coolers. Then you will get back on the water taxi with your snorkel gear, and you will be taken to a spot where you will jump off the boat, and snorkel with the current back to No Name Beach.

Taking a water taxi to Klein Bonaire is one of the most affordable and easy ways to get in some decent snorkeling on Klein Bonaire. Read all about the snorkeling on our Klein Bonaire page.

Caribe Watersport Klein Bonaire water taxi

Caribe Watersport Water Taxi

Caribe Watersport offers regular water taxi trips out to Klein Bonaire, as well as a drift snorkel drop off option. Here is a link to Caribe Watersport’s TripAdvisor reviews.

Epic Water Taxi Bonaire

Epic Water Taxi

This boat has been a water taxi for a long time. It used to be the Kantika Di Amor, and is now the Epic Water Taxi. They still offer daily service to Klein Bonaire and a drift snorkel drop off. Here is a link to Epic Water Taxi’s TripAdvisor reviews.

Bonaire Boat Rentals

We used to rent a boat on Bonaire, and snorkel all around Klein Bonaire. But boat rental prices have increased so much that for two people it is better to book a Bonaire boat snorkeling tour mentioned above, or just take a water taxi. If you have a group of six people, it still might be an decent option though.

If you rent your own boat you should know that you cannot land or anchor a motorboat anywhere around Klein Bonaire, instead you must use mooring pins provided by the national park.

Here is a link to all of Bonaire’s boat rental companies’ TripAdvisor Reviews.

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