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Big Island Snorkeling Guide eBook Second Edition

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The Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling Guide eBook comes from an extensive amount of in the water research, snorkeling one of our favorite of the Hawaiian Islands.

And this second edition has more locations, pictures, maps, and helpful tips.

Be Delighted Seeing an Abundance of Sea Life

  • 36 of the best snorkeling spots
  • Avoid disappointing dead reefs

Explore With Confidence

  • 268 pages of clear, accurate descriptions of what to expect, how to get there, and where to swim
  • 537 pictures, above and below water, even where to park
  • 15 maps get you there easily

Daily Decisions Made Easy

  • Suggested itineraries, favorite spots, quick location reference
  • Choosing where to go is no longer frustrating

Customer Review - Emily

Just had the most amazing trip...the snorkeling was the best we have ever encountered! We never would have found some of the gems without your book! ...It's full of all the amazing advice we wished we had on our Maui trip. Thanks for all the effort you put into shows!!

Customer Review - Ted

I highly encourage snorkelers to purchase this book! It provided a wealth of information about where to snorkel, each location's unique conditions and many other tips. I found the information to be accurate and up to date. Next to my mask and snorkel, this was a key purchase!

Snorkel Lesser Known, Vibrant Sites
Instead of Being Disappointed By Popular Beaches With a Lack of Sea Life

Gorgeous Shore Snorkeling on the Big Island Hawaii

Wouldn't you love to see all the fish at these rarely snorkeled spots?

Healthy Reefs to Explore With Many Fish
Big schools of surgeonfish and tangs are common on the Big Island
Large numbers of tangs and triggerfish on the reefs of the Big Island Hawaii

And see the cool corals at this almost never snorkeled location?

Find Beautiful Corals Like These on the Big Island

And find out where we regularly spot turtles and other creatures.

Turtle getting cleaned by tangs at a cleaning station on the Big Island
Snorkel with big creatures like this Spotted Eagle Ray

Whitemouth Moray Eel living in the reef on the Big Island
Snorkel with the wonderful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

You definitely have the opportunity to find some really beautiful and unique tropical fish with the help of our guide.

A colorful Palenose Parrotfish we spotted on the Big Island
Spotted Porcupinefish
The wonderful Saddleback Butterflyfish

Customer Review Kathye

Thanks so much for the Snorkeling the Big Island Guide! We just returned from a week of snorkeling there and your guide made our trip so much more enjoyable! What a great book! You made everything so easy, from selecting a site to getting to the water, to deciding where to go when in the water. We are now hooked on the Big Island snorkeling...

About the Authors - 100% Snorkelers

Galen Piehl and Nicole Atkins have sold thousands of their 8 popular eBook snorkeling guides. They also author the most popular snorkeling website, with over a million readers a year.

Avid snorkelers, they are on a mission to improve the quality and accuracy of information available for snorkelers, and to help everyone have the most memorable snorkel adventures of their lives.

What's in the Big Island Snorkeling Book?

See surprise pops of color like this Cushion Sea Star.

36 of the Best Snorkeling Sites - Why Not 60?
We have snorkeled the island's 60 or more beaches extensively. But we don't make you read about beaches with poor snorkeling. Instead we focus 100% on getting you to the best snorkel sites and go overboard with useful descriptions and pictures of what it is like and how to get there. Compare this to general travel guides that are not written by snorkelers and only give a few sentences about each location.

Each Spot Includes:

  • At a glance reference chart of the key details about the location
  • Description of what you can expect, above and below water
  • Best water entrance location and what it is like (sandy/rocky)
  • Hazards - currents, swells, exposure, challenging entries
  • Swimming directions to the healthiest reef areas with the most sea life
  • Detailed driving and parking directions
  • Facilities - bathrooms, water, shade, etc.
  • Color pictures of everything - the beach, water entrance, sea life, driving intersections, parking, and facilities

Each Chapter/Section Includes:

  • An overview description of what the area is like, with some notes about beaches to avoid with poor snorkeling.
  • Road maps showing where the spots are, parking areas, trails, etc.
Spot Some Octopus

It Also Includes Very Useful Resources & Links

  • Suggested Itineraries - Where to find the most fish, corals, turtles, kids spots, etc.
  • Sites at a Glance - A reference and ranking of all the spots.
  • Fish & Creature ID Guide - 162 color pictures
  • Snorkeling Safety & Reef Etiquette - How to read ocean conditions, currents, winds, and to snorkel safely.
  • First Time Snorkeler Tips - How to snorkel efficiently, fit equipment, and choose locations for your skill level.
  • Snorkel Gear Guide Plus Fitting & Use Tips
  • Where to Rent Equipment
  • Underwater Photography & Camera Gear Guides
  • Travel Tips - Where to stay for snorkeling, best times of year, etc.
  • Prevalent Wind & Ocean Current Tips
  • Easy Print Guide Chapter - All of the snorkeling spots, condensed in one chapter with a smaller font and no pictures, that is easy to print.

Updated Regularly
When things change we update the Big Island Snorkeling Guide eBook, when new information becomes available, or when we find errors or bad links. Printed guides are not updated until they sell all the printed copies.

A Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby

Freedom to Be Your Own Guide - Save Money on Boat Tours
The vast majority of the best snorkeling spots on the Big Island are accessible from shore. That means you don't have to go on crowded boat tours on their schedule, to spots you can't control, no matter the weather. Your snorkeling will be better and you will save money in the process. Where boat tours are a good idea, we recommend them.

Customer Review Marine Biologists Cathy & Brian

This is an extremely well-written, accurate and complete guide to snorkeling on the Big Island. We are both marine biologists who do research at several of the snorkeling spots in the book and we think this book is great. It provides excellent maps and pictures of the sites, making it easy to find them for the first time. Each site is described in such detail that you know the best and safest places to enter, where to snorkel for the best coral and fish, where to park, and all other necessary information. The chapters on safety and etiquette, snorkeling equipment tips, Big Island travel tips, and the fish identification guide are also extremely useful.

Anyone who wants to snorkel on the Big Island should definitely buy this book. And even for people very familiar with Big Island snorkeling, the book offered great information on many new sites for us to try. Especially in Hawaii, where snorkeling can sometimes be challenging, this book is absolutely essential. It is the only book we've ever seen that is truly written for snorkelers (not divers). And because of that, your snorkeling experience is fantastic. I just wish that Galen and Nicole had snorkeling books for more places!

See unique and beautiful fish like this Finescale Triggerfish.

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