Where to Stay for Bermuda Snorkeling?

Though you can find Bermuda snorkeling accommodations all over the island, we recommend staying in Warwick, Paget, or Southampton Parish. Then you will be close to the many good spots on the south shore, but also in a good location to explore what the whole island has to offer. You could also stay in Pembroke Parish or the city of Hamilton and not need to scooter or bus too far to snorkel; you will also have the best access to the ferries that serve the whole island. There are nine parishes, or counties, and they are marked on the map on our main Bermuda snorkeling page.

Bermuda snorkeling accommodations

Lodging choices in Bermuda range from high-end hotels and resorts to guest houses, cottages and apartments, to bed and breakfasts, to condos and other vacation rentals. And the prices vary from extravagant to fairly reasonable. All of these types of accommodation are available in the parishes we recommend.

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If you think that staying in Bermuda is out of your financial ability, think again. You can get yourself a vacation rental, apartment or cottage with a kitchen, for less than US $150 per night. And if you cook for yourself you’ll lower your total trip cost by a lot. Grocery stores are everywhere and though likely more expensive than in your hometown, it is still much less than eating out. You can find some Bermuda vacation rentals on TripAdvisor and even more if you do a web search.

Best Bermuda Snorkeling Accommodations

Paget, Warwick and Southampton Parishes

If close access to many snorkeling beaches is your number one priority, then stay in Paget, Warwick, or Southampton Parish. Grocery stores are close by and there are restaurants scattered around them too, though the most restaurant options are in the city of Hamilton. If you don’t rent a scooter (or bike as they are known locally), there are regular buses running through all three parishes and you can usually find taxis.

Of the three, Paget is the most central, but it is a little farther from the snorkeling at most of the south shore beaches. In this parish you can find Bermuda snorkeling hotels like Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa, Coco Reef Resort, and Fourways Inn. Then there are other options with kitchens like Dawkin’s Manor and the St Helier Bed and Breakfast.

Warwick Parish, which has close access to the good snorkeling on the south shore, has no resort hotels to speak of but it has apartments, guest houses and bed and breakfasts like Granaway Guest House and Cottages, Clairfont Apartments, and Watercolours B&B.

Finally, Southampton Parish is not as centrally located for exploring the whole island, but has good access to the south shore snorkeling areas. This parish has Bermuda snorkeling hotels on beaches: Pompano Beach Club, and The Reefs Resort and Club. There are guest house or bed and breakfast options here too, like, Greene’s Guest House and Wade’s Garden Inn.

Where to Stay in the City of Hamilton

You could choose to stay in the city of Hamilton or Pembroke Parish for your snorkeling vacation. They are very central on the island and have easier access to the ferries and more bus and taxi options. Restaurants and shopping are in abundance here as well, and there are grocery stores too. It is unlikely you will be within walking distance to any snorkel beaches though.

In Hamilton there are high-end hotel resorts like the Royal Palms Hotel, the Rosedon Hotel, and Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. You could also choose a bed and breakfast or guest house in or near Hamilton like, Kingston House B&B, Robin’s Nest, or Edgehill Manor Guest House.


Most Bermuda snorkeling accommodations include wireless high-speed internet, but check to make sure if this is important to you. Also, for an extended stay it can be useful to have laundry in or near your lodging. Because electricity is so expensive, air conditioning may not be central, so if you have to have it, make sure it is in your chosen accommodation. Lastly, the fresh water on Bermuda comes primarily from rain water. In our experience it does not always taste great to drink, so be prepared to buy drinking water.

Hope you have a great Bermuda snorkeling vacation!

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