Any Good Snorkeling in Southwest Florida Naples Area?

By Bill
Does anyone know of any good snorkeling in southwest Florida, Naples area? I will be there for a while and would like to find a spot or two to do some shore snorkeling. I will take a trip to the Keys but most of my time will be in the Naples area. Thanks.

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Tom Turner – Mar 7, 2015 – Snorkeling Naples Area

My sister lives in Naples, so we find ourselves there on occasion. We have never found any good snorkeling around the Naples area. We usually make a day trip over to Pennekamp on Key Largo and go on a couple of boat snorkels. Pennekamp is about a two hour drive from Naples, and if you head out early enough, you can make a morning boat, get lunch, and go on an afternoon boat. That’s my two cents.

Adam Thompson – Mar 7, 2015 – To the Keys!

There are no coral reefs in Naples, so no really good snorkeling. I have heard that there might be a bit of mediocre snorkeling at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, but I haven’t tried it. You’re only a couple hours from Key Largo, so that’s where I’d head to go snorkeling.

Dean – Nov 1, 2015 – Try Delnor Wiggins Pass

Delnor Wiggins Pass has decent snorkeling, and there are some wrecks off the coast that are good as well. So if you’re in Naples, start there.

Bill – Dec 17, 2015 – Delnor Wiggins State Park

I finally made it to Delnor Wiggins State Park in Naples to try the snorkeling. Here is my report: Park at lot #2 and the reef is between the two “No Boats” buoys you will see while standing on the beach.

When I went the reef was out about 25-30 yards from the beach, but it was low tide. The reef starts when you see a dark bottom.

When we first started it was calm and visibility was about five feet. The reef is 8-10 feet deep, so to see anything you had to dive down and hold your breath. The wind picked up and it became very difficult to snorkel and dive.

Here is my opinion – Delnor Wiggins is one of the prettiest beaches in the Naples area. The quality of snorkeling will depend on the weather and water clarity at the time. If you are looking for a beach day with a chance of snorkeling try it out. If you are looking for just a snorkeling trip, you are better off going to the Keys.

There are some good You Tube posts on what you can see under ideal conditions.

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