The path that led to us
snorkeling around the world...
...and making a website about it.

Galen & Nicole

Hi. We are Galen & Nicole, authors of this site and our eBook snorkeling guides. It probably goes without saying, but we are really in love with snorkeling and thoroughly enjoy sharing all of our travel stories, pictures and snorkeling tips with you.

Traveling has always been our passion and we try to take two or three long snorkel trips a year, in warm tropical waters. We are also avid hikers and boaters in the beautiful Pacific Northwest areas of Washington State, our home.

How Do We Do This?
A Hard Knocks Lesson Leads To A Better Life

Prior to this we owned a natural health and massage business. We worked our tails off on it, and nearly destroyed our own health and happiness in the process.

We sold the business after realizing that we were doing something we really did not want to do - slaving away in a building from 8am to 8pm every day - to get something we wanted passionately - travel and freedom of time. It was a torturous choice at the time, but the best decision of our lives.

Do What You Love

View from our favorite breakfast place above Kealakekua Bay, Big Island Hawaii.

You have heard that before, right? Hawaii here we come! Directly after selling our business we house sat for some friends on the Big Island of Hawaii for a couple of months. It was on Kealakekua Bay, one of our favorite snorkel spots from the past. We snorkeled a bunch, ate lots of dark chocolate macadamia nuts (and drank lots of Kona beer!), and thought about what we wanted to do next.

The Problems We Encouter As Snorkelers

On that trip and others we encountered the same problem, over and over. Most of the information available on the web and in books is focused on diving. Even the books that say they are diving and snorkeling guides generally have some pretty worthless, dated and incorrect snorkeling information.

Well, diving and snorkeling are two different things. Snorkeling is not some lesser cousin to diving. And we realized that as snorkelers we wanted and deserved better destination information. So we decided to create it ourselves.

A Wonderful Small Business Is Born
G&N Web Publishing

Galen's self portrait in Belize

While working part time jobs for a few years, we started traveling and creating this website and our guides to help snorkelers. And it has grown enough that for the past several years we have done it full time. Although Galen also now works with his brother (who has another successful internet based business).

G&N Web Publishing is our company, under which this and a few other future websites are managed.

What we try to do at our little business is pretty simple: 

  1. Provide quality snorkeling information to help snorkelers have great experiences.
  2. Treat snorkelers with the respect they deserve, and offer a community of like minds.
  3. Snorkel the world (OK, this last one is almost purely selfish).

Between the two of us we have owned a handful of small customer service oriented businesses. The big lesson we have learned is to focus on helping to solve people's problems. And as you can imagine, we have a love affair with this business. We have so many products and ideas that we intend to bring to snorkelers that it will take us years to accomplish. So stay tuned.

You Could Do This

If you want to do this, checkout the company we use, Solo Build It!. They are unique in providing not only website building tools, but an amazing blueprint of educational materials, tools and community for creating a business on the web. We learned nearly everything we needed to know from them. Lots of folks make travel sites like ours with SBI, or on other topics they love, and make a living doing it. Here you can see the great variety of sites people create.

How To Contact Us

Use our contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

You can also send mail to us at our private home office:

Galen Piehl & Nicole Atkins
4711 Emerald St.
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