Wow! Maui Was Turtle Heaven!

by Susan
(Columbia, SC)

Turtle Town

Turtle Town

I have never been to turtle heaven until our recent trip to Maui.

We stayed at Makena Beach and Golf Resort the first 3 days and their beach is beautiful. There are two other beaches nearby and I think everyone went to them because there weren't a lot of people except guests on this one. The snorkeling was great on the sides of the bay. We saw loads of fish, some of which I'd never seen.

There was also a boat that took off from the hotel for snorkeling tours to Molokini and "Turtle Town" (which was actually around the corner from the resort) so that was very convenient. We saw an Eagle Ray at Molokini which was neat. That wasn't the high point though, but the resort was great. They plan to tear it down and that's a real shame.

The second place we stayed was a wonderful group of little lofts and town houses in Napili, right on the water. Very few people we met (that live in Hawaii) had ever heard of it. It did discourage visitors other than guests and owners to visit the beach. If you didn't know, the water looks hard to get into because there is rock everywhere. But at the condos they had a neat little sidewalk and steps right into the water.

The name of the bay the condo is on is "Honokeana Cove" and I'd love to hear of anyone else who knows about it. Anyway, this place was FULL of turtles! They said around 30 of them lived there and when we snorkeled there was always turtles either resting on the bottom or swimming. We sat on the lanai and watched heads pop up here and there all day. All sizes.

It was calm the whole time we were there, one reason being the trade winds were absent. We didn't have a/c which we hadn't needed before but it was hot! The winds started again toward the end of our stay but it was well worth putting up with the heat to see sooo many turtles.

You can find some public access to Honokeana Cove from the end of Napili Point, but not through the gated community. If it gets busy with snorkelers the turtles would probably move.

All in all it was a great trip and best snorkeling yet.

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Oct 06, 2014
by: Nicole & Galen

Thank you Susan for sharing your pictures and story about your latest Maui snorkeling adventure. Yes, we found good snorkeling on both sides of Maluaka Beach in front of Makena Beach & Golf Resort. It is fully described in our Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook. Are they going to rebuild another resort after they tear this one down?

We walked around to Hononkeana Bay from Napili Bay on our last Maui trip. It really felt like private property. Nice to know there are lots of turtles there.

Oct 06, 2014
Go Pro!
by: Susan

To answer your question about Makena Resort first. I became friends with a few employees there and they said no plans were final. Most of it was political/money issues, as usual. She said she'd let me know and I'll pass it along because it really is a beautiful place.

I forgot to write about the GoPro. I actually gave it to my husband for an anniversary present but after a little study (it has many parts, stands, straps, etc.) he decided to just point and sometimes use the wrist strap. It took good videos and I think it would be great in a faster sport, but I was just as impressed with my videos taken with my old Cannon D10 (love that camera) as I was his. Does seem like the GoPro will work great at other tasks.

Oct 06, 2014
Your Weird Fish
by: Nicole & Galen

We forgot to let you know that your weird fish is a Trumpetfish. Quite common actually, but they come in many different colors.

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