World's Best Snorkeling Is in the Philippines

by Dale
(Bend, OR)

We think that the world's best snorkeling is in the Philippines. We have snorkeled all over the world, in Hawaii, many places in the Caribbean, and on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

I don't even remember exactly where it was (Panglao?) but it was a tiny little reef, in very shallow water, maybe two feet deep, and absolutely covered in small tropical fish.

It was not a big area, but we remember it the most.

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Jul 23, 2009
Philippines Superb Alright
by: Allan

We spent a month checking out numerous spots. Apo Island - small and beautiful. Two cozy little resorts - inexpensive. But the snorkeling! 1000 acres of marine sanctuary; mega cities of clownfish; crystal clear water; 1-2 meters depth.

Also Palawan - El Nido / Bascuit Bay - might be one of the most beautiful places anywhere. Very much like Halong Bay in Vietnam but bigger and better. Very unspoiled. Almost all the snorkeling spots are great.

Oct 04, 2016
More Info
by: Nicole & Galen

There is some information about where the snorkeling is good in the Philippines on this page and some specifics about snorkeling around Cebu Island on this page. And Joanne left a trip report from her snorkeling trip to Panglao Island Bohol, too.

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