Where Is the Good Snorkeling in Tobago Cays & Carriacou, Caribbean Windward Islands?

by Barry Campbell
(Virginia USA)

Can anyone tell me where the good snorkeling is in the Tobago Cays and Carriacou, Caribbean Windward Islands? We are doing a 10 day charter from Grenada to Canouan. I have heard a lot of different stories about the quality of snorkeling in the area. In the past I have found that the best snorkeling may not always be on the main reefs.

The plan is at this time is to spend extra time at Carriacou and the Tobago Cays for snorkeling.

I was hoping someone has been there recently and has found some better spots to go in that area. Is one end of the reef better than the other or some of the smaller reefs behind some of the smaller islands better?

Looking forward for your input. Thanks.

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