What Are These Culebra Creatures?

by Marilyn
(The Frozen Tundra)

Creature found at Melones, Culebra

Creature found at Melones, Culebra

While going a little insane using the Gimp program Galen and Nicole recommended in their recent newsletter on pictures I took in Culebra earlier this year, I was able to get some fairly good images of 2 creatures I can't seem to identify! Can you help?

The first picture is a feathery looking creature on the left under the rock. This picture was taken at Melones just before you get to a wonderfully healthy reef full of a variety of sea life and beautiful corals.

The second is a little harder to see. It's a very strange wormy type creature wound around the soft coral. This was taken at Carlos Rosario, which is just as beautiful but with an unbelievable number of sea fans and different types of fish.

Culebra was such a fabulous place to visit!

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May 26, 2015
We know one for sure!
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Marilyn, thank you for your good questions!

The first picture is of a Magnificent Feather Duster Worm. They live in a tube and what you see are their feeders hanging out the end of the tube. Here is a link to more pictures. They are common to see in the Caribbean.

The second/third one is a little more difficult. It might be what is known as a fireworm. See some images on Google Image Search.

If anyone can tell better what this creature is, please comment and let us know!

May 26, 2015
Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber
by: Cary Bennett

I believe this is a Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber. Saw my first one on a dive at the Neptune Memorial Reef off Miami Beach in January.

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