Waterproof Box Needs To Be Attached To You

by Arthur Morris
(Albany, NY)

I am the lucky recipient of the deed of a good samaritan.

Snorkeling just off the beach in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, I discovered in a panic that my waterproof box and contents were missing. I had placed it in my suit pocket without a safety cord attached, and it floated out of my pocket.

Fortunately after about a week, my box with all contents (a few dollars, photocopy of passport, credit card, local driver's license) showed up at my house. Thanks to a nice beachcomber from the States, it was found and carried to Michigan and sent to me in Upstate New York.

All of my traveling papers were safely locked in the hotel safe. The one credit card was easily and immediately cancelled at the point of loss.

I have never snorkeled without a safety cord on my waterproof box since.

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