UV Swim Clothing Instead Of Sunscreen For Snorkeling

by Karen G
(Temecula, CA)

UV Swim Clothing on Karen

UV Swim Clothing on Karen

UV Swim Clothing on Karen Dennis in UV Swim Clothing Both of us sporting our sun protecting swim clothing

As a very fair red head and not always able to sunscreen every part of everywhere needed to fully protect myself, I have turned to UV swim clothing as the option.

I purchase my items from Coolibar.com but there are many resources to choose from.

These swim clothes are UPF 50 sun protection and I have never had an issue even after 3 years of use in ocean, pool and many times through a washing machine.

I use a swim jacket that has a zipper in the front and the newest one I bought has two small zippered pockets in the front.

My swim tights (pants) are like leggings and have a drawstring waist.

This way I never have to worry about adding sunscreen to a reef environment. I use the reef friendly sunscreen on my face and back of my heels.

My husband also got a set for himself - as you can see from the pictures!

It also provides a little bit of insulation (the tiniest amount), and 100% peace of mind from the harmful rays of the sun!

There is no "drag" and no part of it gets in the way while swimming, nor is it hot and it dries super fast.

I also have UPF gloves and booties for use in our backyard pool during the summer.

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May 25, 2016
by: Nicole & Galen

Karen, thank you for sharing. We have always worn long sleeve rash guard tops, but on our recent Maldives trip we found a reason to consider wearing pants too. We will be updating our info to include what products we have found that work well after our next trip.

May 25, 2016
Protecting myself at Yal-Kuhl
by: Steve N

When I go to Yal-Kuhl to snorkel, I use a long sleeve shirt with UPF 35, an orange bathing cap and a neck protector that has a UPF of 50. And for my legs, I use biodegradable sun tan lotion. Seems to work fine for me.

May 27, 2016
Long-Sleeve Top vs. Jacket
by: Luann from Nebraska

I bought a long-sleeve rash guard top a few years ago, and I really like it, except that it tends to roll up in the water. I'm wondering whether others are having this problem, and whether the jackets are a better option.

Jun 01, 2016
In response to Luann
by: Karen G

We find that the jacket floats up a little. We can tuck it into our swim pants if the current plays with it too much. The nice part of the jacket is the zipper so easy one and off. There is no rolling though.

For me the pants are a key factor because I am essentially "basting" myself when snorkeling and this way I am sure the backs of my legs don't get scorched no matter how long I am out in the water.

Nov 23, 2016
Swim Tights
by: Cindy

Just back from Sea of Cortez snorkel trip. I'm also very fair (and freckled) so need a gallon of sunblock. Found UPF50 swim tights from Coolibar which worked perfectly! Used them with a long sleeve rash guard shirt and a pair of board shorts. Tights were also helpful for tucking in the back of the shirt when it poofed too much when we were swimming with whale sharks (P.S. - GREAT trip).

Highly recommend tights - getting a second pair for upcoming trip to Maui.

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