Underwater Housing For Canon Elph 100 HS?

by Steve

I have the Canon Elph 100 HS and am considering buying an underwater housing, but can't find any underwater reviews. Do you recommend I get the housing or buy a waterproof camera such as the Canon D10 or Sony TX-10? I am going to be snorkeling in St. John in October and want a quality underwater point and shoot that has good image quality. Which will provide better images? Any help is appreciated.

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Sep 07, 2011
Keep Your Camera
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi Steve. Good questions. I looked into it and I believe you should definitely keep your camera and get an underwater case for it. Here are the reasons.

Your camera has some excellent features that make it very suitable for an underwater camera.

1. It is very small. That means the underwater case will also be pretty small. This is important for a snorkeler.

2. It has a fast lens at F2.8 at wide angle. This is a very useful feature. The Canon D10 also is F2.8 but does not have as wide of an angle lens as yours. The Sony is slower at F3.5. A fast lens is important for capturing motion and for low light situations.

3. Wide angle lens. Your camera has a 28mm wide angle lens (35mm equivalent). I really value having a wide angle lens underwater. The D10 is only 35mm.

4. Vibration Reduction. Your camera has it. This is important for getting sharper pictures in low light situations.

5. Your camera has good high ISO performance and can take good pictures up to 1600 ISO.

Your camera also has a setting for manually setting white balance which is important, although it might take a few button clicks to get to it.

Finally, the housing will be much more robust and longer lasting than the tiny doors that are built into the D10 and the Sony. It will last you much longer. Overall, I always recommend that people get a camera like you have with a housing over a camera with a built in housing. It is much less likely to fail and, gives you the option of using a Magic Filter if you desire. You will get better pictures.

You have three different options for an underwater housing for the Canon Elph 100 HS.

The Canon WP-DC310L, which is only designed to go down 10 feet. I would not get this one. It is cheap but is not as waterproof and may not give you full control over all your buttons.

The Canon WP-DC39 is what I would get. It is a real waterproof case, is more robust, and gives you full controls at a price that is better than the Ikelite below. I like Canon cases and use them.

Your third option is the Ikelite. It is more expensive and I would not bother. Although it is a beautiful case if you feel like spending extra.

It is a good sign that there are many housing options for your camera. It shows you that it is a popular model for using underwater.

Have fun!

Sep 07, 2011
by: Steve Smith

Thank you so much for your help!

Sep 11, 2013
Review of Canon WP-DC310L for ELPH 100 HS
by: Donna J

I have to agree with your recommendation to NOT purchase the Canon WP-DC310L housing for use with the Canon Elph 100 HS.

I used this case with the Elph 100 HS 3 times in Hawaii, snorkeling (no diving), and it failed on the 3rd use, ruining the camera. I ended up buying disposables for the rest of my trip. Very disappointing. I have returned both to Canon, and they may replace both at no charge, but I would certainly be hesitant to use the WP-DC310L case again. It's not worth the risk and hassle.

P.S. Galen and Nicole: Thanks for all your great info!

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