Turtles, Seals and Sharks (oh my) at Tunnels (Kauai)

by Victoria

We were so excited about snorkeling at Tunnels. It was our first trip to Hawaii and we knew Kauai was the island we had dreamed about visiting for most of our 27 years of marriage. We were not disappointed. We parked at Haena Beach Park and walked up to Tunnels. Man, were we tired but it was way worth it. It was July and conditions were pretty great. Yes, there was current but it was fun to go to the right side and let the current gently take you to the left.

While we were there it wasn't long before we all saw a large turtle. It would go to the bottom to feed and then surface to breathe. We watched it for a long time before it decided to find a new restaurant to dine in.

Our kids were hollering about something. A Monk Seal had approached my oldest son and was he excited. It came within ten feet of him. He just stayed still, knowing he was not supposed to approach the seals himself. My other son saw him, too, but not so close.

We saw so many beautiful fish and coral formations that we lost count. After a little while we ventured further out to where there are some deep channels in the reef. We saw some divers in the channels. It was not as interesting out there as it was dark and most of the coral seemed to be in places where it was closer to the surface.

Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and my head snapped over just in time to see a shark swimming in one of the deep channels. It really freaked me out so I swam backward slowly but the shark was totally disinterested in me. He was obviously just patrolling his little kingdom down below where most of the people were swimming. Three of us in our family saw the shark and the fourth was glad he hadn't so it was all good. I would highly recommend snorkeling at Tunnels. It was great fun.

We also enjoyed Anini Beach, which is very shallow but the formations are much more spread out. We also snorkeled at Moloaa Bay, where we were staying and the first day was great. It was the only place we saw a Moorish Idol. However, the rest of our trip the water was choppy and visibility was not great so we played in the waves instead. Kauai is an amazing place to go. Truly a gem in the Hawaiian Island chain.

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Feb 16, 2009
Fantastic Tunnels Snorkeling Story
by: Galen & Nicole

Wow Victoria, it sounds like you had a great time snorkeling at Tunnels. Seeing a Monk Seal, a shark, and turtle all within one snorkel spot is pretty special. Thanks for sharing it! It got us excited to go back to Tunnels (when it is not raining!). Be sure to read our information about snorkeling Tunnels on Kauai, complete with a map!

Aug 17, 2009
O fun!
by: Emily

Now that makes me want to go to Kauai. I'll remember that beach when we go!

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