Tugboat, Best Snorkel Spot In Curacao

by Gerry
(Charlotte, NC)

I think Tugboat is the best snorkel spot in Curacao. I was there the first week in December, 2015.

It is very hard to find as the roads are poorly if at all marked. Your directions however were spot on; I would not have been able to find it without those.

The tugboat was nice but around the point to the left (if you are facing the water) was abundantly healthy corals hard and soft and a wide variety of fish and critters; very healthy reef. Just keep swimming to the left around the cliffs. The current was very mild going left to right back toward the tugboat so you expend your energy swimming out and basically drift back which is nice. Saw a school of rainbow runners that I had never seen before.

Highly recommend this snorkel, as it was definitely the best on the island.

I got there about noon. The restaurant was open, and bathrooms. There were other people around so no fear of car break in.

Thought about going back to do it at night, but didn't think I could find my way back in the dark.

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Dec 15, 2015
Thank You!
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Gerry, thanks so much for sharing your great review of your snorkel at Tugboat. The driving directions that Gerry mentions are on our Tugboat page.

Feb 29, 2016
by: Luann (Lincoln, NE)

I agree, Gerry, this was an awesome experience. We went last March, and there was NO ONE else there on the day. There was an amazing number of fish near the boat, as well as near the pilings and on the left bank near the boat. My husband and I spent at least 3 hours snorkeling on a clear afternoon and loved it.

That said, we also spent time at Little Knip and other locations further from Willemstad, and found them all to be full of a variety of fish and corals. I saw my first eel up close, and liked it way more than I thought I would.

The e-book is a must! The bays are all labeled in Dutch and there are few directions on the road. We also would not have made it without help from Galen and Nicole.

Jan 22, 2018
Snorkeling Tugboat, Director's Bay & Jan Thiel
by: sfawc

We snorkeled Director's Bay, Jan Thiel, and Tugboat sites. Also did a scuba dive at Tugboat.

Jan Thiel was VERY crowded (and we went in August which is off-season), with decent size waves coming through the opening. Between the waves and crowds, the visibility inside the bay was terrible. I did venture out beyond the bay opening, per this website's wonderful guide and the visibility was markedly better.

Director's Bay was a complete opposite experience. We were the ONLY people in the water on both days that we went. Pretty sparse coral if you head anywhere but to the right as the guide suggested (towards Tugboat).

Tugboat was semi-busy and definitely our favorite. Saw several schools of squid, several scorpionfish (on our dive; if the dive-master hadn't pointed them out we never would have seen them), a couple of octopus, eels, etc. Coral (and visibility) definitely better the farther you get from the shore. We highly recommend going out and towards Director's Bay. The coral is great, from either perspective (looking down while snorkeling or up if you are on a dive). Just awesome.

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