Thenice Snorkel Mask Visitor Review

by Ivette Pieterick

I have a Thenice full face snorkel mask that I got on Ebay from China. I wanted to share my review of it.

I haven't had any problems with breathing even when I had to chase after a kid who was following a stingray into a bay. My breathing got heavy, and still there were no problems, nor did the mask make me hot.

Sometimes the mask fogs, but this is easy to fix by spraying a little baby shampoo and water on it.

I like it much more than my separate mask and snorkel because it gives me a much better view. It is easy to put on, breathing is easier, and clearing it out is easy.

I have a few issues with the mask though.

First, in order to talk to someone else, I have to pull the bottom of the mask away from my face.

Second, sometimes water gets in and I have to do the same thing to clear the water out.

Third, I can only dive down a few feet since I can't adjust the pressure.

Fourth, the straps that hold the mask to my face slip. I have to press the mask on my face and press it into the water to keep it on. And when I turn my head I have to hold the mask to my face so it does not come off. I think I can solve it by rolling the ends of the straps and sewing them so they stay put.

Lastly, the edge of my jaw gets a little sore from the pressure of the mask against it.

Overall, I am happy with my Thenice snorkel mask as it was much less expensive than the Tribord Easybreath.

I have a Go Pro mount on my Thenice mask, but I don't use it since I can't control the direction it is pointed for recording. Instead I hold my SJCAM Cube camera with waterproof case and leash in my hand.

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Jul 29, 2016
Thank You!
by: Nicole

Hi Ivette, thank you for sharing your review.

I found some Thenice Snorkel Masks on Amazon. They don't have the GoPro Mount like yours, so I am not sure they are exactly the same. They cost less than the Tribord, but not a lot. Not long ago though, the Tribord was very expensive in the US.

Thenice is a Chinese knock-off of the original Tribord Easybreath Mask. The issues with fogging, water getting in, and low quality elastic straps are indicative of this.

I am glad to hear you had no trouble breathing and did not get hot in your mask. It seems to be an individual thing that some people do and others don't.

Do you know how the water is getting in? Some of the reviews on Amazon think it is coming in from the snorkel, which is another issue we have seen with the Chinese copies.

I felt some soreness on my jaw from the mask pressing on it too. I wondered if it was the right size mask. Do you think you have the right size for you?

Check out my review of full face snorkel masks.

Aug 01, 2016
Water in my Thenice Mask
by: Ivette

I thought the water was coming in when the straps slipped.

Water can be cleared out easily with a strong puff of air. If there was still enough water to bother me I pulled down the bottom skirt at the bottom of the mask with ease and got my face quickly back into the water.

Jun 13, 2017
Nice Mask
by: Anonymous

I have been using Thenice Mask for over a year and do not have any of the problems stated in other reviews other than the occasional fogging which is an easy fix.

The problem I have is I cannot find anywhere that lists how to do maintenance on the mask. Is it possible to detach the inner flexible rubber assembly to clean it and apply silicone to it? I am concerned if I try to detach the inner rubber parts that they might tear. Also, where can you get replacement parts?

I really like the fact that you don't have to clench your jaw to keep a regular snorkel in your mouth. Field of view is excellent. I can get down to about 8 feet or 2 meters of depth which is plenty to do photograph near the surface and coral reefs in my area in the Philippines. Overall a great mask!

Mar 30, 2018
Thenice Full Mask
by: Ivette

Yes, I feel like the mask is the right size.

Jul 21, 2018
No More Full Face Mask for Me
by: Ivette

I went back to St John, USVI and used my Thenice full face mask and had different experience. Breathing with the mask was more difficult than last time and it was very disturbing. I just couldn't get enough air like last time I used it.

So, I switched to a standard mask by Kaptiol Reef and their snorkel with Kadence Technology which allowed me to breathe significantly better and diving down for photos was a great experience.

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