Best Swimsuits for Snorkeling

Choosing swimsuits for snorkeling is a very personal thing. Men have it easier with only needing some shorts, but women need to cover more and the right suit will make your snorkeling experience better. We wear ours under rash guards or wetsuits, for full sun protection.

Options for Swimsuits for Snorkeling, women's and men's

Women’s Choices in Swimsuits for Snorkeling

Over the years I, Nicole, have found that I prefer two-piece swimsuits for snorkeling. But, many of the bikini style tops are fastened by knotting a strap. And for many reasons, those knots can be the most uncomfortable and annoying things when snorkeling, especially when spending the day in your swimsuit.

And now, my body temperature is changing and I need warmth when snorkeling, so I have been wearing a Thermocline wetsuit. The knots would be even more uncomfortable under the form-fitting wetsuit and an issue when putting it on and taking it off.

So, I like to choose a suit without ties. Clasps that lay flat are fine, like on a bra strap, but my current suits all have no clasps at all, I just pull them on over my head.

Now, most one-piece swimsuits don’t have knots in them, so if you prefer that style of suit, you may have an easier time finding a suit that works for you. Another reason one-piece suits can be the easier choice is if you have breasts larger than a D cup size. Bikini tops can be challenging to find for larger breasts, in my experience.

Men’s Choices in Swimsuits for Snorkeling

For men, your choice of shorts depends on if you are wearing something over them. Galen wears rash guard leggings for sun protection all the time now. And he has some Thermocline leggings for when he is chilly. Under both, a tight fitting pair of shorts is the way to go. Board shorts would not be comfortable underneath either pair of leggings.

But if you are going with shorts and reef safe sunscreen on the exposed part of your legs, board shorts can be a great option.

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Choose Snorkeling Swimsuits Made with Eco-friendly Fabric

When buying swimsuits for snorkeling, we like to consider whether they are eco-friendly. The swimsuits I am currently wearing and loving are made of Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon made primarily from fishing nets recovered from the sea, also known as “ghost nets”. Polyester for board shorts can also be made from recycled plastic bottles.

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We Recommend Fourth Element Swimsuits for Snorkeling

For Women

Fourth Element Bermuda Bikini - great swimsuit for snorkeling
Fourth Element Bermuda Bikini
Fourth Element Thresher Bikini - great swimsuit for snorkeling
Fourth Element Thresher Bikini

I have been wearing Fourth Element’s Bermuda Bikini Top on a couple of snorkel trips now and love it. It is a beautiful Coral color, which is not easy to find. It pulls on over my head and has length adjustments on both shoulder straps. There are matching bikini bottoms too.

I also love my Fourth Element Thresher Bikini Top in Yellow, another uncommon color I am partial to. The Thresher also comes in Navy. This one pulls over your head too, but does not have any adjustments. The coverage is a bit less on this top compared to the Bermuda. They offer matching bikini bottoms in Yellow and Navy.

But, of course I know you are not all like me and those swimsuits for snorkeling may not appeal to you. But, if you look through Fourth Element’s Swimwear offerings you may find something you like. Be aware though that some of their suits do have ties that make knots, so if you want to avoid that, look carefully at the design you are considering. They offer a number of attractive one-piece suits, numerous bikini styles, some that are reversible, and some that match rash guard tops and leggings perfectly (we love their rash guards too, by the way). They offer a good range of colors to choose from, too.

And best of all, they are all made of recycled fabrics you can be proud to buy and wear. We love Fourth Element’s environmental commitment and their products. Their swimsuits for snorkeling are top notch in quality, and performance. And in a world full of plastic ocean trash and companies who don’t care, they are doing their best to make as many of their products as they can from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles. And they have nearly eliminated plastics in their packaging. And in many other ways their company is trying to operate in an environmentally friendly way. Learn more about their OceanPositive endeavors here.

For Men

Fourth Element Kuredu Jammer Shorts
Fourth Element Kuredu Jammer Shorts
Fourth Element Zambezi Boardshorts
Fourth Element Zambezi Boardshorts

If you want to wear skin tight shorts under rash guard leggings like Galen does, Fourth Element offers the Kuredu Jammer Shorts, which cover your thighs nearly down to your knees. They are made of the same Econyl fabric as the women’s swimwear above and have a draw string at the top. Tuga, our favorite rash guard company also makes nice swim shorts for men.

If you are going the route of board shorts with sunscreen on your legs, Fourth Element offers a couple recycled polyester options, the Zambezi Boardshorts in Slate Blue or a Slate Pattern.

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