Sublime Snorkeling Incidents
Stories Of Awe & Wonder

Nicole and a Green Sea Turtle - Hawaii

Here we are going to share some of our most unique, fun, and momentous snorkeling experiences.

These stories don't necessarily fit into any specific location information we give on this site or in our eBook guides, but they were so interesting and life changing for us that we just had to find a place to share them in detail with you.

Sometimes these experiences happen over hours, and sometimes they are just quick moments of awe.

So enjoy. And then share a couple of your most momentous experiences here.

A Very Frondly Snorkeling Experience - Unique Snorkel with Immature Fish

Astounding Night Snorkel with 30 Manta Rays - Big Island, Hawaii

Life Changing Snorkel with a Family of Caribbean Reef Squid in Belize

Sea Turtle Mecca - The most sea turtles we have ever seen.



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