Squidron At Playa Lagun Curacao

by Adam
(New York City, NY)

I just wanted to report a very special experience I had a few weeks ago while snorkeling in Playa Lagun in Curacao. I was fortunate to have found a "squidron" of about 15 squid moving through the lagoon. They were changing their colors as they moved through different areas of the lagoon and moving in beautiful formation.

I was following them for quite a while when all of the sudden, they all inked simultaneously! Then, something at the bottom caught my eye and I saw a bunch of tentacles sticking out of a fish's mouth - one unfortunate squid had been snatched.

Aside from the loss of life, it absolutely blew my mind to see the inking. I can report that the inking technique is successful as I was momentarily shocked and had no idea in what direction they headed. Of course, I was not the predator and I think the squid probably inked just after the fish took their mate.

It was a magical moment in the middle of Playa Lagun. I did not have a camera with me so I haven't a pic to share but it was really amazing!

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Jun 22, 2015
Thank you!
by: Nicole & Galen

Adam, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful squid experience with us. How cool!

For those who are unaware, we have a full description of the snorkeling at Playa Lagun in our Curacao Snorkeling Guide eBook.

Aug 09, 2016
Great sightings at Playa Lagun
by: Maria

My husband & I saw the same squidron in Aug. 2016. There were 19 of them then, the largest shoal we'd ever seen. They seemed to be very curious about us. Perhaps they are used to people admiring them!

About 15 minutes before we saw the squid, we saw two Slender Filefish in two gorgonians. This was a very exciting find, as we had only seen one once before. As we were exiting, about 15 minutes after we saw the squid, we spotted a Flying Gurnard searching for something to eat. This was the first time we'd ever seen one.

For such a small area, this was a rewarding place to snorkel, and worth a stop if you're on the western end of Curacao.

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