Spent A Week Snorkeling Cozumel In August 2015

by Gerry
(Charlotte, NC)

I spent a week snorkeling Cozumel in August 2015. The snorkeling is still good. It's not Bonaire, but if you know where to go there is a lot to see.

The Money Bar drift snorkel to Fiesta Americana is loaded with good stuff. Maybe not the variety and quantity of corals like in the southern Caribbean but quantity and quality of fish is up there. Get in at the steps of Money Bar and drift down to just before the dock at Fiesta American where there are metal ladders leading up to the decking on shore. This drift is especially good at night. During the day you can go out farther and drift down, and at night just hug the shore if you are timid about going out farther.

But if you do go out farther at night there is a submerged dock about a third of the way down and maybe 40-50 yards off shore with a lot of cool stuff. If you stay by the shore you will see a lot of octopus hunting at night in all their splendor dancing and changing colors. I saw lobsters, crabs, anemones, eels, the resident High Hat, and a lot of small Yellow Stingrays also out hunting. I also saw some of the largest needlefish (closer to 3 ft) I have ever seen, and they got a bit aggressive one night. I had to bonk one with my flashlight as he got a little too close (hated to do it but he crossed the personal space boundary), and another hit my friend in the chest and scared the **** out of him. That only happened 1 out of 7 nights so don't let that dissuade you from night snorkeling. It is a different world and not to be missed.

Boat trip to Columbia and Palancar Reefs during the day with Roswitha and Cuchi of Mystic Snorkeling are always a treat. I saw larger rays, grouper, Nurse Sharks swimming free, lots of healthy coral, and a wide variety of fish. They take you to three different depths.

Spend a day at Punta Sur. You have to go out pretty far to find reef but worth a day.

Also take the ferry over to Playa Del Carmen and take a taxi to Akumal to spend a day snorkeling with Green Sea Turtles. They come into the shallows to feed on the grass and you can get right up next to them and listen to them munching. Don't touch though and don't waste money on a guide, you can do it yourself and spend all the time you want and find one for yourself as there are a lot of people around. We saw about 8 different ones, one with 3 remoras on his back in perfect symmetry.

Cozumel is definitely worth checking out for a week. I also went snorkeling with whale sharks one day which deserves its own post. Something for the bucket list, a must do.

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Dec 16, 2015
Great Details
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Gerry, thanks for sharing this detailed information about snorkeling in Cozumel. What a nice resource for our readers.

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