Sony AS100 Action Cam For Snorkeling

by Justin
(Kaysville, Utah, USA)

I wanted to share my experience with the Sony AS100 Action Cam for snorkeling.

The extreme wide angle of the action cams produce video that makes you feel like you are there.

You get similar video quality with better stabilization for a much cheaper price. The AS100 has an underwater color setting that produced amazing and vibrant video. The video may be flipped for attaching to your chest harness. Both settings must be done before placing camera in underwater housing.

Settings cannot be changed underwater. You cannot switch back and forth from video to photos underwater. You cannot see what you are recording or have recorded (no screen). Do not buy the LiveView Watch for snorkeling. It loses the signal with the Action Cam when underwater. It was not designed for snorkeling or diving.

Sony AS100 action camera: Amazon Price $199
Sony underwater housing: Amazon price $30
Wasabi charger &2 batteries: Amazon price $18
Class 10 64GB micro SDXC Card: Amazon price $30
Selfie Stick w/ wrist strap & chest harness $20
Total price: $297

I lucked out and found my AS100 at Best Buy in an open box for $90 with full warranties so my total price was $189. The selfie stick underwater was really nice. I was able to capture awesome images while snorkeling up at the surface.

NOTE: do not use the waterproof housing that comes with the AS100. You must purchase the underwater housing. It's flat front panel produces clear undistorted images.

With an action cam you cannot view the video from the camera so I was not able to get feedback on any of my footage till after my one and only snorkel excursion was over and I was back at my hotel.

Two AS100 video tips that I learned were: don't get closer than about 1ft to your subject and go slower when recording. Dwell on each subject before moving on to the next subject.

Our video footage is priceless. We watch them over and over again. Extreme wide angle Action Cam footage captures the experience in a way that no other camera can do. Every time we watch our videos we get to relive our adventure.

Here's a video clip I made from footage from my first snorkel location of my trip, Ao Leuk Bay, Ko Tao Island, Thailand. This is raw footage combined in Windows Live Movie Maker that came free with my home computer. I did not edit the video color. I did slow the video down to 1/2 speed. That's why it lost the fun bubbly sounds of snorkeling. Next time I'll add those sounds back in. Processing the video for YouTube did lose some video quality. This was native 1080 50mbps video out of the camera.

No I do not work for Sony. I have all Canon SLR equipment. I'm a middle aged engineer that loves to take videos & photos of my family.

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Jan 12, 2016
What about stills?
by: Bryan C. Nicaragua

The video was very impressive and I see that Sony has just announced a new model that seems to address some concerns, such as not being able to switch between still and video once the camera was in its case. What was your experience when shooting stills--good quality images?


Jan 13, 2016
by: Justin

No, in general the stills were not very good at all. In good sunlight with the subject far enough away, the stills were really good, but if it is cloudy or indoors they stills were very poor.

They were better than the AS200 though. It has less resolution on its stills and with a lot of testing, the AS100 had much better stills than the AS200.

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