Snorkeling With Light Sensitivity

by Sally Simmons
(Bellevue, WA USA)

I had cataract surgery and my eyes are quite sensitive to light (but improving!). We are going to the Maldives in April and I know there will be a lot of direct sunlight there. I was wondering if anyone knows of a mask that has a clip on lens like sunglasses?

I need a new mask since I don't need as much correction, so I wondered if they had different lens like ski masks do.

My current Sea Vision mask has a yellow clip on lens, but I think I need a gray one. I don't want the gray to be permanent since sometimes the sun doesn't shine!

Thanks for any suggestions. I don't want this special trip to be spoiled by my light sensitivity.

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Jan 25, 2016
One Suggestion
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Sally, thank you for your question. While we don't know if there is such a product, we have another suggestion that might help a bit in another way. Since you are getting a new mask, consider getting one with black silicone around the lens. This will cut down on the extra light that comes in around the edges of your mask.

Hopefully other folks will know if there is a clip on gray lens.

Jan 25, 2016
Inexpensive Idea
by: Anonymous

What about window sunscreen that clings on? Wonder if that could work on the inside of the lens?

I'm getting very excited to go to the sunny Maldives in March. I have two "sunsuits" and will bring hats and extra sunglasses. Whoohoo!

What new fish friends will we spot there?

Jan 25, 2016
by: Sally

What great ideas! It seems a shame to cut down on visibility but I'll do it if it means I can snorkel. What a clever solution with the baby shade! And not a lot of money to give it a try.

May 22, 2016
No problems!
by: Sally

I just wanted to give a follow up report on the snorkeling after cataract surgery, I bought a mask with a black outer rim and also got the bifocal lenses that they sell for divers to be able to read their watch. The black was sufficient to not overwhelm my eyes and the bifocals weren't needed and were placed way too low to be of any use if they had been needed. So if you do need a bifocal lens, make sure they place it high enough to see out of!

As a back up, I had mirrored tinted swim goggles and a nose clip if I couldn't see with the sun sparkles underwater, but luckily they weren't needed and the sun sparkled every day!

Thanks for lending your problem-solving to this issue.

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