Snorkeling with Giant Cuttlefish, South Australia

by Barb Leopold
(Adelaide, Australia)

Every year the Giant Australian cuttlefish, Sepia apama, aggregate to breed at the top of Spencer Gulf at a place called Point Lowly, South Australia. Only during the winter months can this spectacle be observed, and every year is variable - some years there are thousands of cuttlefish, some years not so many.

I made the trek up there (about 300km from my home) this May and spent a (cold) weekend snorkeling with them. I was amazed at their size - approximately 30cm long and the way their colors flickered and changed. The males put on a show for the females and are oblivious to divers and snorkelers, so it was easy to float above them and observe.

I have only been snorkeling since late last year, so this was an exceptional experience for me. I hope to go again before the end of this breeding season - otherwise I will have to wait a whole year until the next event!

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Jul 08, 2017
Thank You!
by: Nicole & Galen

Barb, thank you so much for sharing this story and great pictures with us and our readers. What a cool opportunity and awesome creatures!

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