Dolphins!!! - Snorkeling at Two Steps, Big Island

by Cyndie Pelto
(Beaverton, OR)

Everyone we talked to told us to go snorkeling at Two Steps. So our first night in Kona, we rented our snorkel gear and headed down there. We swam with a few turtles and caught a beautiful sunset.

The next day, we decided to go back for more. After snorkeling for about an hour, we took a break and were sunning ourselves on the lava rocks. My hubby spoke up and said look at that thing jumping out of the water! Within minutes, everyone was pointing at the huge school of dolphins that had entered the bay.

We ran to the water with our snorkel gear and swam as fast as we could, also remembering the camera! Cannot even begin to describe what we saw. I'll try. Over 40 dolphins, in smaller groups, all swimming and breaching, in the cove.

It was something I will never forget. Several actually swam right up behind me and then alongside me. Amazing amazing amazing!!!

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Aug 22, 2011
by: Galen & Nicole

Fantastic. We are so glad you got to snorkel with the dolphins. We want to see the pictures! Read more about the great snorkeling at Two Steps/Honaunau.

Nov 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just returned from our first vacation on the Big Island. Many many amazing snorkeling spots but we had our most memorable experience here at Two Steps. The water is crystal clear and amazing.

We noticed the spinner dolphins out in the area to the far right just where the waters turns darker (because it is much deeper there). They were there the entire 2-3 hours we were at Two Steps. We floated out to that area and you can see beneath you at least a 100 feet or more. If you just float you will begin to see the dolphins swimming and feeding on the ocean floor. After a few minutes they will start to surface, if you slowly make your way the direction they are going they will surface right beside you. They are not at all intimidated by people. The water where they are is very deep but calm and you aren't far from shore.

You will not regret visiting this place. I am 50 years old and have only snorkeled a few times and am not a strong swimmer and I was very comfortable. Although you float effortlessly, if in doubt I recommend taking a small flotation device to hold onto for security.

Sep 09, 2015
Video of the Dolphins at Two Steps (Honaunau)
by: Brad Rich

My wife and I were able to experience them in July of 2015.

Here is a link to my YouTube video of our encounter.

Oct 05, 2015
Dolphins - Close Up
by: E

Fantastic snorkel site & dolphin bonus. Large pod with at least one baby, kept swimming around us for at least a couple of hours. Occasional leaps out of the water by a few individual dolphins right by passing boats & SUP paddlers.

Amazing experience!

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Fantastic Fun Snorkeling With Dolphins at Two Steps, Big Island

by Chris & Alli Camenzuli
(Yellowknife, NT, Canada)

We must have been lucky the first time we experienced Two Steps because we shared the bay with a group of Spinner Dolphins.

As we arrived at the "beach" you could see them jumping in the middle of the bay. It probably goes without saying that it didn't take long for us to get into the water.

The closest I came to the dolphins was seeing them float just above the Aloha sign about 25 feet down in perfectly clear water.

Alli, my partner in crime, really lucked out and was fortunate enough to have the dolphins come right up to her and jump.

Lucky duck, eh!!

We also swam with lots of sea turtles and a plethora of small colorful fish.

Would highly suggest wearing a pair of water shoes with good rubber sole as we found lots of sea urchins.

Try explaining to your Inuit co-workers in Yellowknife, Canada how you need more time off right after your vacation to recover from the spines you picked up in your foot, too funny!

Safe 'n Happy Snorkeling!

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Apr 07, 2019
Two Steps Dolphins
by: Gene H.

When visiting Two Steps you can easily tell when the dolphins are present. You will see their fins out in the middle of the bay. We were lucky enough to be snorkeling with some locals. They told us that typically the dolphins will be out in the ocean all night into mid-morning hunting squid. They will pick a bay to rest in. They rest down near the bottom and were coming up in pods of between 10-20 or so at a time for air. We could start to see them at about the 100-foot level. The locals would time how many rotations they were making and take us to the exact spot they were surfacing.

It's not like a Flipper movie moment or anything like that but they do come very close to you. I had one slowly circle me once and he was rolled over a bit checking me out. I probably could have touched him but did not. Our encounters lasted almost an hour and a half before we went back in.

Please see my comment about finding the Two Steps water entry on this page.

When in Kona, do not miss the manta ray night snorkel. It is a must do.

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