Snorkeling Whaler's Cove Koloa Landing Kauai

by Ellen
(Poipu, Kauai)

We've been staying in Poipu, Kauai over a week and have snorkeled Whaler's Cove (Koloa Landing) 4-5 times. This popular dive spot has an easy, carpeted entry over a boat ramp. There are now a couple port-a-potties as permanent fixtures at the landing. At times, the divers there can be rather thick, especially earlier in the day.

Anyway, snorkeling Whaler's Cove has proved stellar for the HUGE school of hundreds of trigger and convict fish that has been here every single day. It's the biggest school we've ever seen. The fish are 9" to 18" long, not including the 3-4 either green/gray or bright yellow trumpetfish skulking within the group. The trumpets are large, about 36" at least.

It must have been a hot summer, and it's been unusually hot many days while we've been here this September. The water is super warm and the clarity has been great up until 2 days ago when some heavy rain washed silt into the cove which comes into the landing. No matter, can still see very well.

There have been huge turtles here every day as well, and we can snorkel right alongside them. Poipu snorkeling's been great!

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