Snorkeling The Right Side Of Waimea Bay - Oahu

by James Bassler
(San Diego, CA)

Snorkeling the right side of Waimea Bay, Oahu (next to the church tower) is deeper than the left side. It is in the 20 to 25 foot range out to the end of the rocks where it opens up to the ocean. It is a sandy bottom and has these huge coral heads coming up that look like pinball bumpers. They are close together and you can swim down between them and see all kinds of fish and other life living around them. It was very unique and beautiful.

When you move away from the right edge to swim towards the middle of the bay and swim in to the shore it is a flat sandy bottom the whole way in and barren.

I got uncomfortable swimming out of the bay on the right side because of currents and it got much deeper.

This is a beautiful beach to just float in the water 5 feet off the shore. The shore break surge tosses you around and it's just fun.

The bathrooms and picnic area were nice and there were people selling t-shirts and jewelry if you're interested. I would definitely go back.

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Aug 08, 2010
Great Tip
by: Galen & Nicole

James, thanks for describing what it is like along the right hand side of the bay. We will have to check that out next time. And yes, we too have lounged on our backs in the water just off the beach. It is heavenly.

Nov 25, 2012
Snorkeling the right side of the bay...
by: Galen & Nicole

On our last trip to Oahu, we were able to snorkel the right side of Waimea Bay. It was just as James describes, but you need the right conditions to do it. If the river is flowing strongly into the bay, the visibility will be lower. And also watch for waves that might be crashing along the rocks, not a good thing to be snorkeling in. And like he said, you risk strong currents going past the point.

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