Snorkeling Photography Trips

Improve Your Skills at a Wonderful Destination

Snorkeler taking photos over a Belize reef on one of these snorkeling photography trips.

Do you want to get better at taking pictures underwater? These snorkeling photography trips will improve your skills while you snorkel on shallow reefs with lots of subjects to choose from. Designed for every level of photographer, from beginner, to advanced, and for any type of camera, these workshops provide opportunities to learn both wide angle and macro photography.

Come home with beautiful photos, memories, and lifelong new friends. These group snorkel vacations are arranged and led by a tour company owned by friends of ours (we are just promoting them, not running them). We join some of these trips ourselves. We wish we could go on all of them!

  • Professionally Guided – Effortless Planning and Travel
  • World’s Best Snorkeling Destinations – See the Last Remaining Reefs Full of Life
  • Snorkelers Only – 100% Focused on Snorkeling Spots (Not Diving), and Friendly Camaraderie

Snorkeling Photography Trips

Your teacher and snorkel guide on these snorkeling photography trips is an award winning underwater photographer who has published many articles and images, and also has guided many snorkeling trips, so he is very familiar with the challenges of taking pictures as a snorkeler and will help you get the best out of your camera and your snorkeling technique.

Our trips partner has created these snorkeling photography trips to get folks like you to the best snorkeling locations in the world for learning these skills. Trips can be based at resorts, or on liveaboard yachts. We have more information down the page about the benefits of group snorkeling trips from resorts and liveaboards. Below are the current snorkeling photography trips on offer.

Alor and Komodo Photography Workshop, Indonesia

Snorkeler taking a photo over a reef with fish

If you want to improve your underwater photography skills while snorkeling some of the best places in the world, this workshop trip is for you. For 15 days you will explore two distinct and biologically abundant areas of the Coral Triangle, with the opportunity to see a variety of interesting marine life, vast coral fields and walls, and some top side attractions like Komodo Dragons! This resort-based trip is guided by an award-winning underwater photographer, who will be helping you get better pictures through both daily workshops and one-on-one suggestions and feedback. We snorkeled Alor and Komodo in 2019 and absolutely loved it! Read all about this educational trip here.

Other Snorkeling Trips

If you are interested in snorkeling vacations without the photo workshop focus, check out our main snorkeling trips page. If you want to know when new snorkeling trips are released, sign up for our newsletter.

What Are These Snorkeling Photography Trips Like?

We are always looking to bring you exciting trips to some of the best places on earth, like the snorkeling photography trips above. Many of our readers have experienced the best snorkeling holidays of their lives on these trips. If you have never gone on one of these trips you can get a general idea of some of the types of adventures we like to share below.

Liveaboard Snorkeling Trips
There is a world of difference going on liveaboard trips designed for snorkelers, instead of a mixed boat with divers, because most of the time the boat is really focused on the divers, the reefs are too deep, and snorkelers are sometimes treated like second class citizens! On a snorkeler only boat, every spot you visit, from remote atolls to barrier reefs, has shallow snorkeling at perfect depths. And instead of being limited to only an hour on the water because of diving schedules, you normally spend and hour and a half to two hours at each spot.

Snorkeling liveaboard yacht and small tender boat

And being able to be immersed in snorkeling two or three times a day, in a different amazing spot each time, for a week or two, is really a great way to explore the ocean. You get to see so many different ecosystems and types of fish and coral reefs. It’s a very different experience than snorkeling tours that go out for a few hours in popular tourist areas. These are more like snorkeling expeditions.

These types of snorkel trips are full service, where your food is prepared for you, your rooms are taken care of, and all you have to do is get in the water, rinse and repeat.

Group of snorkelers floating in the ocean
Resort snorkeling beach with white sand and palm trees

Resort Snorkeling Trips
There are also resorts with beautiful house reefs for snorkeling and small boats that can take you to wonderful nearby snorkeling reefs. You can choose whether you want to venture out or stay close each day. The best resorts are usually remote and include some meals with your stay. These spots make for great snorkeling photography trips.

Snorkeling programs like these are hard to find though. But we have a fantastic partner we work with who creates these types of adventures.