Snorkeling Long Caye Wall
A Bit Deep For Snorkelers

Snorkeling Long Caye was OK, but not great. This was the third stop on our Lighthouse Reef Atoll trip. Sometimes this location is called the Aquarium.

Snorkeling Long Caye - Lightouse Reef - Belize
Corals and Sea Fans at Long Caye Wall

Long Caye is really a better diving spot than a snorkeling spot. It is a coral wall that drops down into the depths. Since it starts at about 20 feet deep, and gets deeper quickly, it is pretty so-so for snorkeling. There is also often a pretty decent current that pulls you quickly along the length of the wall. For divers this is nice, the boat drops them off at one spot and picks them up later on. But the snorkelers have to stay with the boat, so you fight the current.

There were a couple of good things about snorkeling here. The water clarity was the best we had seen in all of Belize. There were tons of fish and eels. And the sea bottom corals, sponges and fans were beautiful. But it is just a little too deep to be a great snorkeling spot.

And below you can see a big moray eel dashing between coral outcroppings.

Moray Eel - Belize
Fish School - Belize

One highlight was when one of the boat guys jumped in the water and started feeding all the fish the leftover beans and rice from lunch. He got swarmed.

We had a good time taking pictures of this activity. Galen even swam into the solid wall of fish.



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