Snorkeling In The Kerama Islands Japan

by Adam Thompson
(Bradenton, FL)

My wife and I had the opportunity to go snorkeling in the Kerama Islands (Okinawa, Japan) over Christmas. It was a wonderful experience. The coral reefs seemed very healthy and beautiful, with cliffs, ledges, soft and hard corals, etc. I was especially impressed by the underwater topography - the cliffs, overhangs, and trenches.

We posted photos of our trip on Facebook.

The coral reefs were way better than what we've seen in the Bahamas. We are wondering how they compare to places like Belize, Bonaire, Hawaii, though?

FYI, this is the company we went with. The boat was a mix of divers and snorkelers, and I would have liked to get a bit more snorkel time, but I would still recommend them.

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Dec 31, 2013
Thank you!
by: Nicole & Galen

Adam, thanks for this story. Sounds like you had a great time. We have another Okinawa, Japan snorkeling story here for anyone interested.

As for comparing the Kerama Islands reefs to Belize, Bonaire and Hawaii, you can see pics on those pages to see the differences. But, it looks most similar to Hawaii because I don't see any soft corals (sea fans and rods) like you can in the Caribbean.

The topography does look like fun to explore!

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