Snorkeling in L'Estartit or Medes Islands, Spain?

by Trina L
(Ontario, Canada)

Has anyone snorkeled in Spain? Specifically the area around L'Estartit and the Medes Islands? I'm planning a trip for our 25th anniversary in September, 2018 and would like to spend some time snorkeling, but also love history and architecture. So I figured if the snorkeling is good enough to keep us occupied for a few days, we could easily fill the rest of the two weeks exploring the area around Barcelona.


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Jun 06, 2018
Not very exciting snorkeling
by: Paul Wilkin

We were there last late summer and snorkeled both from a boat trip around the islands and from the shore higher up, around Palaflugell.

Typical Mediterranean views underwater, a lot of sea grass around the Medes. Lovely as part of your holiday but not a primary snorkeling destination.

Jun 17, 2018
by: Trina L

Thanks Paul, we have decided to go to Menorca, Spain instead. We will try a bit of snorkeling, but it won't be the primary focus of our trip!

Sep 26, 2019
Medes Islands, Spain Disappointing
by: Catherine

I don't recommend snorkeling in the Medes Islands, Spain. The snorkeling companies there make it seem really great, but maybe that's for scuba diving and they just let you assume it's true for snorkeling too? - not sure.

First of all, there are no reefs there, so there are not large numbers of bright, beautiful colored fish or schools of them. There are some huge, interesting looking fish, but not enough to make it worth my time, although, my hubby was still glad he went.

And the water is very, very cold - even in the end of August 2019!

Sep 26, 2019
Menorca, Spain?
by: Catherine

Trina, how was Menorca?

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