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Snorkeling Health Stories & Questions
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Keep Long Hair From Drying Out on an Extended Snorkel Trip? 
I have long hair and do not want it to get dry or brittle from repeated exposure to salt water. I am going on a two week snorkel trip to Indonesia in October, …

Cure for Fear of Snorkeling? 
Does anyone have a cure for fear of snorkeling? As an avid boater I want to (in 2017) make the crossing from Florida to Bimini and Freeport. With the …

Skin Rash From Snorkeling? 
Can you get a skin rash from snorkeling? My husband and I recently went snorkeling in Bermuda and I came home with a rash that lasted nearly two weeks. …

Snorkeling For People With Physical Disabilities  
I wanted to share some info about snorkeling for people with physical disabilities. I had a spinal cord injury a long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that …

Lip Protection While Snorkeling? 
Do people use lip protection while snorkeling? We are new to snorkeling and last year we spent a lot of time snorkeling (and learning) at the resort …

Face Skin Rash From Snorkeling Mask 
My youngest son (28) who regularly goes on leave, has since his youth gotten a face skin rash from snorkeling in saltwater. Every time he uses a mask …

Seasick When Snorkeling Even With Dramamine 
I get very sea sick when I'm snorkeling, even with Dramamine. I also wear earplugs, just in case this has something to do with it. Is there anything I …



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