Need Help Finding
A Snorkeling Forum?

We are always searching for a good a snorkeling forum. To be sure, there are a lot of diving forums with a section about snorkeling, but what about a dedicated one for those of us who just snorkel?

So far, none have taken off. So we have started something here that while a little different than a forum, works much like it.

A Great Place To Get Snorkeling Questions Answered

We have a growing community area called Snorkeler's Cove, where you can get your snorkeling questions answered and share your snorkeling stories, pictures and tips and read what others have shared.

Why don't we start a traditional forum? Good forums take a lot of moderating. And unless you are very active on them they are hard to search for specific information you are looking for.

Our Snorkeler's Cove community area is easier for us to moderate and to organize so that you can find the info you are looking for. It is focused more on building a body of great snorkeling information as a community, sharing experiences, and less about chatting about a subject, like in a forum.

The Best General Snorkeling Forum

There are many more forums on the web that are not exclusively snorkeling, but are diving forums with sections for snorkeling. For example:

Scuba Board's Snorkeling Forum

Do a search on Google for scuba forum, diving forum, etc., and you will find a handful of them like the one above.

Good Forum For Snorkeling Location & Tours Info

The Cruisecritic forum is a good place to find information about specific snorkeling destinations, and info about snorkeling and cruise ships.

Know Where You Are Going?

Another way to find snorkeling information specific to a location you want to travel to is to search for a forum for that area. Going to Aruba? Search for an Aruba Forum. Then do a search on the forum for snorkeling, etc. For every location in the world there are many forums with information about snorkeling.

For example, on the Bonaire Talk Discussion Group they have a good Bonaire snorkeling forum section.

Alternative To A Forum About Snorkeling

Another great place that is not specifically a forum, but does offer lots of user reviews and information is TripAdvisor. We use it all the time.

Who knows, maybe we will start a true snorkeling forum on this site in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on all the new snorkeling info we add to this site.