Snorkeling Carrie Bow Caye
Good Barrier Reef Spot

Snorkeling Carrie Bow Caye was interesting and pretty good, but not exceptional. Carrie Bow Caye is located on the barrier reef at a cut that is often used by boats heading back and forth to Glover's Reef.

Reef seen snorkeling Carrie Bow Caye - Belize

We snorkeled the south end of Carrie Bow Caye, after our morning ocean crossing sailing back from Glover's.

It was a small area and pretty healthy, which is to be expected right on the barrier reef with all the flowing currents moving in and out of the barrier cut.

Queen Triggerfish - Belize
Trumpetfish at Carrie Bow Caye

There was a nice variety of hard corals that were very healthy, as well as some beautiful soft corals.

Like many of the barrier reef areas in Belize, there was not a great number of fish, but we did see some beautiful fish like the Queen Triggerfish below, and the long Trumpetfish trying to look inconspicuous.

Purple Sea Fan & Grunt - Belize

Grunts under Sea Rods

Black Ball Sponge

Like many spots in Belize the sponges were very interesting. In the picture at right you can see two types of sponges, including the Black Ball Sponge.

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Sea Rods And Fans seen snorkeling at Carrie Bow Caye - Belize



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