Snorkeling Bonaire - Not the Virgin Islands, but...

by Ken Pounders
(Lake Havasu City, AZ USA)

one of many small eels

one of many small eels

My wife and I have a time share in St. John (USVI), so we have been obligated to go there the last few years. We happened to be there during a hurricane last year that took our second week away from us. Feeling a change was needed, I agonized over where our trip would be this year. Bonaire won out & I'm glad it did.

Thanks to Galen & Nicole's guide it took all the guess work out of our itinerary. Found all the best spots effortlessly & other than putting up with a few upity divers (some look down on snorkelers there) we loved the people whether local or fellow tourist.

We were a little less than excited on arrival, as Bonaire is desert (like home for us), instead of tropical like St. John. However shortly into our stay we grew to appreciate the rugged beauty of this island. And because there are no beaches to speak of, that means crystal clear water.

We will definitely be back some day.

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Oct 02, 2011
Glad you enjoyed Bonaire!
by: Nicole & Galen

Thanks for sharing your impressions about Bonaire and your great pics! We too are from desert land and Bonaire is similar, not a tropical jungle destination, but charming anyway.

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