Snorkeling Around Montego Bay Jamaica?

by Jackie

Does anyone know about the snorkeling in Jamaica? I know it is not a place you typically go to snorkel but my husband and I have an opportunity to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica with reward miles/points.


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Jun 05, 2015
Another submission Negril Jamaica
by: Nicole & Galen

Jackie, we have not been to Jamaica, so we don't know the answer to your question. But a site visitor recently shared this story about snorkeling north of Negril, which is not too far from Montego Bay.

Maybe others will have more suggestions for you.

Aug 06, 2015
Snorkeling Montego Bay Area
by: Joni

All I saw in 2007 snorkeling from the shore and from a boat was dead coral, many sea urchins, and few small fish. I have read that Jamaica has lost 80% of its coral.

Mar 14, 2017
Jamaica January 2017
by: Clyn

This was my first time trying to snorkel. I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica in late January 2017. We took a very nice snorkeling tour there with Barrett Tours. We did not see that many different fish, but the tour was still fun.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort on points for an inexpensive vacation. They have a little island with big rocks all around the outside of it. The water is only about three feet deep. There were a lot of fish right next to these rocks. Might not be interesting for an experienced person but for my first time it was fantastic.

Oct 23, 2017
OK, Nothing Special
by: Carol S

We took a quick "we’re burned out" vacation to Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica in September 2017.

My husband went diving every day and I went on 1-2 of the snorkel trips each day (all were included). For the snorkel trips they took us to 3-4 different areas within a 15 minute boat ride from the resort.

The first day I was rather shocked by the lack of fish (I like to look for different fish) and how small they were. The subsequent days were better - more fish, a little bigger. I’ve seen coral in worse shape. All in all, I saw some variety of fish; nothing big (like the huge parrotfish you can see in Bonaire), no big schools.

This spot is not where I would chose to go if snorkeling was the number one consideration, but it was relaxing, the water was pretty warm (I only wore a rash guard (usually wear at least a vest) and there were things to see, albeit nothing big or impressive.

My husband’s reef dives were similar — he said they were in decent shape but he was surprised at how few fish he saw.

Nov 05, 2017
Update to Previous Comment
by: Clyn

I went on my second snorkeling trip to Puerto Morelos, Mexico (between Cancun and Playa del Carmen) in July 2017. This blew Jamaica away. I have now seen a healthy reef with various coral and many different fish. Also they took us to a shallow area where we could easily see the fish.

The reef we were taken to in Jamaica looked like a strip of brown and green algae and it was probably 20+ feet below us. For our first time we loved it. But now that we have snorkeled somewhere else it would probably be disappointing.

Aug 01, 2019
Doctor's Cave Beach Not a Bad Option
by: Anonymous

In and around Montego Bay Doctor's Cave Beach is actually not bad at all. We see quite a number of fish of various species, spotted rays are very common, and we see the occasional cuttlefish.

Dec 03, 2019
Jamaica - Ehhh
by: Maxine

The first time I snorkeled was 2008 on my weddingmoon. It was Negril and I was so enthralled yet I was underwhelmed with the lack of fish and colorful coral. But what did I know? Fast forward to 2016 when we spent two weeks in the British Virgin Islands snorkeling almost every day, THAT blew me away! It was like a daily Nat Geo episode of epic proportions, comparatively. Jamaica... I wouldn't go back.

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