Snorkeling Antilla and Arashi with SEAruba Fly ‘n Dive

by Cary Bennett
(Roswell, GA)

Day 2 - This snorkeling trip was to the Antilla Wreck and Arashi Beach with SEAruba Fly 'n Dive. This was a boat trip with a group of divers. This was our first wreck snorkel and it was awesome! This is a huge wreck and is teeming with fish and healthy reef growth! We spent about 45 minutes in the water and enjoyed every moment of it! Only one hitch…the Antilla is still leaking oil/fuel from her holds. Antilla was a 392 ft. freighter, sunk in 1940. Well, I unknowingly swam through some oil slick as I was returning to the dive boat to retrieve my camera and snap a few pictures. As I was climbing up the ladder my sweetheart, Gary told me I had “something black” on the side of my face. Turned out I had a good bit of gooey oil on the left side of my face and ear area as well as in my hair. Yuck! This was the first time our captain, Phil, had ever encountered this, and he is a native Aruban who has been in and on the water here since he was very small. Fortunately, we were able to procure some Vaseline from one of the dive boats moored next to ours and he was able to use it to remove the gooey mess from my face and ear area. I was disappointed in not being able to get back in the water to take some pictures.

After Antilla, the boat headed a short distance north to Arashi Reef area, where the divers did a drift dive. I was disappointed that we were not allowed to snorkel at Arashi Reef. While they did that, we opted to go onto the beach and eat some lunch. After a nice rest and the divers were back on the boat, we swam back out from the beach and climbed back on board.

Some important details that you will want to know: This dive trip lasts 4 hours and lunch is not supplied, we brought our own lunch along. The pricing was more than fair. They only charged us $25/person since we had our own gear. If you need to use their gear, it runs $50/person. Would we go out with them again? Yes, in terms of it being a very nice boat with a professional, safety oriented trip, and the fact that they were very nice, helpful and professional. Next time, I would look for a trip that takes snorkelers out to Arashi Reef, so that we would be sure not to miss the experience. Fly ‘n Dive is so named because the owner is a pilot who also takes chartered trips over to Bonaire, and the dive shop is located right at the end of the runway at the airport.

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Jun 28, 2013
The Antilla Is Interesting!
by: Galen & Nicole

We also enjoyed snorkeling the Antilla. Galen did a lot of free diving down to get closer pictures. You can see some pictures of what it was like on our page here.

Just so you know, if you go back, you can also snorkel Arashi Beach from shore, as an alternative to a boat trip. But it is a bit of a swim, and there are currents, as we describe here.

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