Snorkel with HUGE Honu (Turtle) at Koloa Landing, Kauai

Just came back from 2 snorkel adventures today, in Po'ipu, Kauai. First was in the very popular dive spot, Koloa Landing. Just walked in from the boat launch, headed to the right along the reef. Got out of the fresh water murk and into some good, clear salt water. Saw a big, fat parrot fish, a cornet fish (one of our faves), LOTS of colorful fish of every type, and then a great big honu (turtle) that let us enjoy his peaceful stride alongside him for about 5 minutes. So wonderful!

Then, headed to the beach entry at the Beach House Restaurant. Followed the reef to the left, into the surf break, and saw a school of about 50 convict fish feeding, along with quite a few tag-alongs. Another feeding frenzy for some butterfly fish and others I can't name, quite a few box fish, especially those purple spotted ones with the little feathery fins on their sides. Too cool! The water is warmer than the air most days lately, in March.

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Mar 18, 2010
Snorkeling with Huge Turtles
by: Galen & Nicole

Fantastic. We love both of those snorkeling spots. Here is our description of the snorkeling at Koloa Landing. Also read about Beach House (Lawai Beach) too.

The biggest turtles we have ever swam with was directly between those two locations at PK's (described in our Kauai Snorkeling Guide eBook). Galen got a video of himself almost diving into one that was simply immense. We would not be the slightest bit surprised if it was one of the same turtles you swam with.

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