Is Buying A Snorkel Set
The Right Choice For You?

Buying a snorkel set instead of piecing your snorkeling gear together separately is a great way to save a bunch of money. You can buy mask, fins and snorkel sets with a decent bag for it all for under $50. We bought our first snorkeling gear as a set from Costco many years ago. And looking back we see what a bargain it was. After all, when purchasing gear we spent about $50 for a mask, $45 for a snorkel, $70 for fins, and $30 for a bag, which comes to around $195.

Buying snorkeling sets may not get you the best fitting gear, but unless you snorkel as much as we do, it is a pretty smart way to go. And it is definitely better than renting gear. You can buy an entire snorkeling kit for what it costs you to rent gear for a day or two.

Keep in mind that the cheaper sets will probably not have a silicone face mask skirt, or a silicone snorkel mouth piece. But you don't have to get cheap gear to save money on a package. You can buy a snorkel set in any price range and quality of gear. You can buy just a mask and snorkel. Or a mask, snorkel and fins. Or mask, snorkel, fins and a bag.

Many snorkeling sets come with open foot fins because they are adjustable to different sized feet. So, if you are set on closed foot fins, you probably want to buy them separately.

Explore some options below.

The most popular set on by U.S. Divers (pictured at right) comes with free shipping. You get the basics: mask, fins, snorkel and a simple gear bag.

Snorkeling Travel Set
Another neat option is a U.S. Divers traveler's package (pictured at right). You get a mask, a dry snorkel, and the unique Travel Trek Fins that are designed to be short for travelers to fit in luggage easily. And you get a bag for it all. Just keep in mind that with these short fins you will have much less power, which is an issue if you get in a current.

Higher Quality Set
Or if you want some higher quality equipment this set by Cressi is an excellent option. You get the Frog Plus open foot fin, the two window Focus mask, a dry snorkel, and a simple mesh bag to carry it all in.

Full Face Mask Set
If you have decided that a full face snorkel mask is for you, consider a set that includes one. Both Tribord/Subea and Head are offering good sets with fins to match your mask.



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