Snorkel Bob's Gear?

by Colby & Tonya

Do you have any thoughts on Snorkel Bob's gear, specifically the adult set? We will be going to Maui for the first time this June '12. We are contemplating purchasing a snorkel gear set before leaving and practicing in a pool, etc. We want to get really high quality sets (mask/fins/snorkel). We're thinking it's probably best to visit a local dive shop (in Oregon) and try before we buy but... we are just not sure. We are a little uneasy purchasing a U.S. Divers kit from Amazon/Costco. Is the Snorkel Bob gear better than U.S. Divers?Any other tips?

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Feb 25, 2012
Snorkel Sets
by: Galen & Nicole

For the best fit, visiting a shop in person is the way to go.

The U.S. Divers equipment is not great, but many people choose it because it is a bargain, particularly if you are not an avid snorkeler and just trying it out. If you go this route, buy it well ahead of time so that you can check the fit and return it if necessary.

If you can afford it, we always recommend buying the best equipment you can, even as a beginner, because it can make your experience so much better.

As for the Snorkel Bob's equipment, you could hold off from buying and rent some of their gear first, giving you the chance to see if you like it.

We prefer a quality split fin over the options they sell, but we did use a paddle fin for years, and if it is comfortable that can be a good option. Read more about fins here. Their new Bubba Snorkel on the other hand looks like a smart design.

Have a great time in Maui.

Feb 25, 2012
Snorkel Bob - Thumbs Up!
by: Cary Bennett

We were thrilled to be able to rent shorty wetsuit tops and a mask and snorkel with them last September on the Big Island. They could not have been nicer and more helpful! We picked up our gear from them on our first morning and had it for the week that we were there and returned it our final day before leaving.

The equipment was high quality and their prices were totally reasonable! I would use them again in a heartbeat! They also allow you to choose a free gift with rentals. Some of the freebies were: fish guide cards, a nice canvas tote with a silk screened underwater reef scene with a sea turtle, and there was also a DVD, I believe. They have several locations on the Big Island as well as on the other islands. Hope this helps!!!

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