Snorkel at the Plaza Resort in Bonaire

by Fran

At the Plaza Resort in Bonaire, if you haven't used the dock at the far end of the beach to snorkel from you should try it next time you are there. Walk in the gate and stay on the sidewalk past the condos and straight toward the restaurant at the opposite end, (south). In front of the restaurant is a dock with steps leading to the water. Directly in front of the dock are old pilings where many fish hang. You can then snorkel to the left or south and be among huge coral heads and lots to see.

One day we were quite a ways away from the dock when big rolling waves started coming in. We knew the weather was changing and headed back to get out. At the pilings it was a frenzy of all kinds of fish coming in for safety as they too knew a storm was upon us. They were swimming in from all directions and we just had to stay in the water a bit longer to observe. Have never seen anything like that anywhere before.

We also use that area for night snorkels as the lights from the restaurant and the lights on the dock are very comforting. You can pop your head out of the water and see the patrons eating dinner.

We also used Renee for our first trip to Bonaire. She took us to the mangroves and showed us many small fish and gave us our first encounter with the upside-down jellyfish.

We have been using swim caps for many years for snorkeling. We travel with 8 people and we all wear different colors so we can keep track of each other in the water. The guys have even gotten material ones to keep their bald heads from burning up.

We have been wondering how it is in Bonaire now so your e-book came in very handy. We have been to Bonaire twice and are heading back this August, 2011. Thanks much.

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Jan 13, 2011
Great Bonaire Snorkeling Post!
by: Galen & Nicole

Fran, great tips and stories. Isn't snorkeling wonderful!

We both cracked up laughing with that image of eight people with different swim cap colors. It is a great idea, and we would so love to see a picture of those eight colorful heads bobbing snorkeling.

We have information on snorkeling 18th Palm, the dive spot at the Plaza Resort, in our Bonaire Snorkeling Guide eBook that Fran mentioned. Also, we have more information on this website about snorkeling Bonaire.

May 19, 2015
Plaza Resort Bonaire
by: SRhoadsy

A little more up to date review. Snorkeled this site with Renee yesterday. Very interesting site. You have an outer and inner reef both with healthy corals and a nice abundance of fish. Encountered an Ocean Triggerfish and a Cherubfish during our snorkel.

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